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SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform

BusinessObjects Edge InfoView for SAP User's Guide

BusinessObjects InfoView for SAP is a customized version of the standard InfoView. Through BusinessObjects InfoView for SAP, you can access all of the Crystal reports that have been saved in your SAP BW roles and published to BusinessObjects Edge Series. In addition, you can carry out all of the reporting tasks that are supported by the standard InfoView. BusinessObjects InfoView for SAP provides a number of features that are specific to SAP reporting environments. These features include the ability to log on with your usual SAP user name and password, a My Groups folder that provides quick access to all of the Crystal reporting content that has been saved in your various SAP BW roles, and the ability to view and schedule reports in multiple languages. Through the use of parameters, the BusinessObjects InfoView for SAP also allows you to work with variables in your BW queries.

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