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List of WM T Codes


Can anyone post the list of WM Tcodes?




1.LB01 - Create Transfer Requirement

2.LB02 - Change transfer requirement

3.LB03 - Display Transfer Requirement

4.LB10 - TRs for Storage Type

5.LB11 - TRs for Material

6.LB12 - TRs and Posting Change for MLEat.Doc.

7.LB13 - TRs for Requirement

8.LD10 - Clear decentralized inventory difference

9.LD11 - Clear differences for decentral.sys.

10.LI01 - Create System Inventory Record

11.LI02 - Change System Inventory Record

12.LI03 - Display System Inventory Record

13.LI04 - Print System Inventory Record

14.LI05 - Inventory History for Storage Bin

15.LI06 - Block Storage types for annual invent.

16.LI11 - Enter Inventory Count

17.LI12 - Change inventory count

18.LI13 - Display Inventory Count

19.LI14 - Start Inventory Recount

20.LI20 - Clear Inventory Differences WM

21.LI21 - Clear Inventory Differences in MM-IM

22.LL01 - Warehouse Activity Monitor

23.LLVS - WM Menu

24.LN01 - Number Ranges for Transfer Requirement

25.LN02 - Number Ranges for Transfer Orders

26.LN03 - Number Ranges for Quants

27.LN04 - Number Ranges for Posting Changes

28.LN05 - Number Ranges for Inventory

29.LN06 - Number Ranges for Reference Number

30.LN08 - Number Range Maintenance: LVS_LENUM

31.LP10 - Direct picking for PO

32.LP11 - WM staging of crate parts WM运

33.LP12 - Staging release order parts (WM-PP)

34.LP21 - WM replenishment for fixed bins WM

35.LP22 - Replenishment Planning for Fixed Bins

36.LQ01 - Transfer Posting in Invent. Mgmt

37.LQ02 - Transfer Posting in Invent. Mgmt

38.LS01 - Create Warehouse Master Record

39.LS02 - Change Warehouse Master Record

40.LS03 - Display Warehouse Master Record

41.LS04 - Display Empty Storage Bins

42.LS05 - Generate Storage Bins

43.LS06 - Block Storage Bins

44.LS07 - Block Quants

45.LS08 - Block Storage Bins per Aisle

46.LS09 - Display Material Data for Storage Type

47.LS11 - Change storage bins (multiple proc.)

48.LS12 - Block Storage type

49.LS22 - Change Quants

50.LS23 - Display Quants

51.LS24 - Display Quants for Material

52.LS25 - Display Quants per Storage Bin

53.LS26 - Stock of Material

54.LS27 - Display Quants for storage unit

55.LS28 - Display storage units / bin

56.LS32 - Change storage unit

57.LS33 - Display storage unit

58.LS41 - List of control cycles for WIP loc

59.LT01 - Create Transfer Order

60.LT02 - Create TO for Inventory Difference

61.LT03 - Create TO from Delivery Note

62.LT04 - Create TO from TR

63.LT05 - Process Posting Change Notice

64.LT06 - Create TO for Material Document

65.LT07 - Create TO for mixed storage unit

66.LT08 - Manual addition to storage unit

67.LT09 - ID point function for storage units

68.LT0A - Pre-plan storage units

69.LT0B - Stock Placement of Shipping Units

70.LT0C - Stock Removal of Shipping Units

71.LT0D - Stock Transfer of Shipping Units

72.LT0E - Create Removal TO for 2-Step Picking

73.LT10 - Create Transfer Order from List

74.LT11 - Confirm Transfer Order Item

75.LT12 - Confirm Transfer Order

76.LT13 - Confirm TO for storage unit

77.LT14 - Confirm preplanned TO item

78.LT15 - Canceling transfer order

79.LT16 - Canceling TO for storage unit

80.LT17 - Single Entry of Actual Data

81.LT1A - Change Transfer Order

82.LT21 - Display Transfer Order

83.LT22 - Display Transfer Order / Storage Type

84.LT23 - Display Transfer Orders by Numbers

85.LT24 - Display Transfer Order / Material

86.LT25 - Display Transfer Order / Reference

87.LT26 - Transfer orders for storage bin

88.LT27 - Transfer order for storage unit

89.LT28 - Display Transfer Order / Reference

90.LT31 - Print TO Manually

91.LT32 - Print transfer order for storageunit

92.LT41 - Prepare TRs for Multiple Processing

93.LT42 - Create TOs by Multiple Processing

94.LT43 - Forming groups for deliveries

95.LT44 - Release for Multiple Processing

96.LT45 - Evaluation of reference numbers

97.LT51 - Maintain Missing Stock

98.LT63 - Control: Single Entry of Actual Data

99.LT64 - Single Entry of Actual Data

100.LT72 - Determine 2-step relevance

101.LT73 - Display 2-step

102.LU01 - Create Posting Change Notice

103.LU02 - Change Posting Change Notice

104.LU03 - Display Posting Change Notice

105.LU04 - Selection of Posting Change Notices

106.LX01 - List of Empty Storage Bins

107.LX02 - Inventory List

108.LX03 - Bin Status Report

109.LX04 - Capacity Used

110.LX05 - Block Bins in Bl.Storage w .Time Limt

111.LX06 - Inventory List for Fire Department

112.LX07 - Check storage

113.LX08 - Accident Regulations List

114.LX09 - Overview of All Transfer Requirements

115.LX10 - Activities per Storage Type

116.LX11 - Overview of Documents

117.LX12 - Document Overview: Landscape Format

118.LX13 - Analysis of Differences

119.LX14 - Analysis of Material Transfers

120.LX15 - Selection of Bins for Annual Inventory

121.LX16 - Selection of Bins for Continuous Inventory

122.LX17 - List of Inventory Differences

123.LX18 - Statistics of Inventory Differences

124.LX19 - Inventory Data Takeover by Batch Inp.

125.LX20 - Generate interim storage bins

126.LX21 - Pick List for Several Transfer Order

127.LX22 - Process Inventory from Overview

128.LX23 - Stock comparison IM - WM

129.LX24 - Display of Hazardous Material numbers

130.LX25 - Inventory Status

131.LX26 - Inventory in WM via cycle counting

132.LX27 - Stock levels by shelf life expiry date

133.LX28 - Relevant TO item for ext.system

134.LX29 - Fixed bin supervision

135.LX30 - Overview of WM messages ext.system

136.LX31 - Analysis of print control tables

137.LX32 - Archived transfer orders

138.LX33 - Archived transfer requirements

139.LX34 - Archived posting change notices

140.LX35 - Archived system inventory records

141.LX36 - Archived inventory histories

142.LX37 - Linked objects

143.LX38 - Check Report Customizing Strategy K

144.LX39 - Evaluation Reference No. for 2-S.Pck

145.LX40 - Material Situation Prod. Storage Bin

146.LX41 - Bin Status Report WM/PP Interface

147.LX42 - Evaluation PP Order from WM View

148.LX43 - Consistency Check for Control Cycles MCL9

WM: Material Plcmt/Removal:Selection

149.MCLD - WM: Material flow - Selection

150.MCLH - WM: Movement types - selection -

151.OL01 - Display / change LDK34 (bins)

152.OL02 - Display / change RLPLA (bins)

153.OL03 - Display / change LDK33 (stock)

154.OL04 - Display / change RLBES (stock)

155.OL05 - Display / change LDK30 (mat.whse)

156.OL06 - Display / change LDK31 (mat.type)

157.OL07 - Data transfer stor.bins LDK34->RLPLA

158.OL08 - Data transfer stor.bins RLPLA->B.I.

159.OL09 - Data transfer stor.bins LDK34->LAGP

160.OL10 - Test storage bin data transfer

161.OL11 - Data transfer stock LDK33->RLBES

162.OL12 - Data transfer stock RLBES-> B.I.

163.OL13 - Data transfer stock LDK33->LQUA

164.OL14 - Test stock data transfer

165.OL15 - Data transfer material whse no.view

166.OL16 - Test mat.master data transfer (MLGN)

167.OL17 - Data transfer material storage type

168.OL18 - Test mat.master data transfer (MLGT)

169.OLVS C SD Menu for Master Data

170.VM01 - Create Hazardous Material

171.VM02 - Change Hazardous Material

172.VM03 - Display Hazardous Material


Decentralized Warehouse Management

1.DZ00 - Introduction to Decentralized Systems

2.LD01 - Repost Communication Document

3.LD02 - Reposting multiple comm.records

4.LD03 - Display Communication Document

5.LD04 - Evaluation of Communication Doc

6.LD05 - Check LDK01 Records (internal call)

7.LD06 - Check LDK02 Records

8.LD07 - Check LDK03 Records

9.LD08 - Check LDK04 Records (internal call)

10.LD09 - Check LDK05 records

11.LN07 - Number Ranges for WM Communic.Rec.


1.LS10 - Generate Storage Bins

2.OLML - IMG structure Warehouse Management

3.OMK0 - Link to PP interface

4.OMK1 - Batch search method for Whse Mgmt

5.OMK2 - Customer exits for strategies

6.OMK7 - Batch WM..... (will be deleted)

7.OMKW - Stock removal strategy "SLEDu201D

8.OMKX - Automatic Transfer Orders

9.OMKY - Link to External System via ALE

10.OMKZ - Automatic Transfer Orders

11.OML0 - MM: User Profile for Whse Mgmt MM:

12.OML1 - Overview of Critical Whse Monitor Obj

13.OML2 - Var. Report RLLL01SE: TOs

14.OML3 - Var. Report RLLL02SE: TR Items

15.OML4 - Var. Report RLLL03SE: Post.Chge Doc.

16.OML5 - Var. Report RLLL04SE: Deliveries

17.OML6 - Var. Report RLLL05SE: Negative Stock

18.OML7 - Var. Report RLLL06SE: Interim Stock

19.OML8 - Var. Report RLLL07SE: Stock Product.

20.OMLA - Putaway Near Picking Bin 邻

21.OMLB - MObj.01: Critical TOs:

22.OMLC - MObj.02: Critical TRs

23.OMLD - MObj.03: Critical Post. Chge Notices:

24.OMLE - M.Obj.04: Critical Deliveries

25.OMLF - M.Obj.05: Negative Stocks

26.OMLG - M.Obj.06: Stocks Interim Stor.Bins

27.OMLH - M.Obj.07: Critical Stocks in Prod.

28.OMLI - Report Variant: Single Entry ActData

29.OMLJ - Movement Types for Whse Management

30.OMLK - Default Values for Inventory

31.OMLL - WM Movement Type: Clear Invent.Diff.

32.OMLM - Definition Empty Bin Index

33.OMLN - Warehouse Control Link

34.OMLO - Sectioning of Storage Bins

35.OMLP - Plan Jobs for Whse Activity Monitor

36.OMLQ - Stock Removal Strategy FIFO

37.OMLR - WM Interface to Inventory Management

38.OMLS - Stock Removal Strategy LIFO

39.OMLT - Stock Removal Strat. Partial Qty

40.OMLU - Stock Placement Strategy Empty Bin

41.OMLV - Print Control for Whse Management

42.OMLW - Number Ranges for Whse Management

43.OMLX - Confirmation

44.OMLY - Storage Type Search

45.OMLZ - Storage Section Search

46.OMM0 - MM: User Profile for Whse Management MM:

47.OMM1 - Storage Bin Type Search

48.OMM2 - Haz.Material Stock Placement

49.OMM3 - Stock Placement Strat.for Pallets

50.OMM4 - Stock Placement Strat. Bulk Storage

51.OMM5 - Storage Type Definition

52.OMM6 - Storage Type Definition

53.OMM7 - Storage Type Maintenance

54.OMM8 - Stock Removal Strat. Stringent FIFO

55.OMM9 - Stock Removal Strat. Large/Small

56.OMMA - Print Assignment per Storage Type

57.OMMB - Inventory No.Ranges for Whse Mgmt

58.OMMC - Printer Assignment per WM Mov.Type

59.OMMD - Confirmation Ctrl per Storage Type

60.OMME - Confirmation Ctrl per Movement Type

61.OMMF - Number Ranges per Warehouse

62.OMMG - Number Ranges for Inventory

63.OMMH - Type Search per Movement

64.OMMI - Section Check per Storage Type

65.OMMJ - Storage Unit Check per Storage Type

66.OMMK - Stock Placement Strategies

67.OMML - Hazardous Materials Storage Type

68.OMMM - Storage Type Maintenance

69.OMMN - Stringent FIFO Storage Type

70.OMMO - Consistency Check for MM-WM Tables

71.OMMP - Decentralized Warehouse Management

72.OMMQ - Pre-Allocated Stock

73.OMMR - Reference Numbers

74.OMMS - Reference Number Documents

75.OMMT - Reference Number Documents 2

76.OMMU - Link to Decentralized Unit

77.OMMV - Accumulation Decentralized

78.OMMW- Error Recovery Decentralized

79.OMMX - Printer Search

80.OMMY - Print Code

81.OMMZ - Spool Parameters for WM Print Ctrl

82.OMN0 - Control of Transaction Codes (MM-WM)

83.OMN1 - Print Reference Number

84.OMN2 - Stor.Type Control, Block Storage

85.OMN3 - Storage Classes Allowed

86.OMN4 - Storage Section Search

87.OMN5 - Storage Units Allowed

88.OMN6 - Storage Bin Type Search

89.OMN7 - Storage Type Search

90.OMN8 - Difference Indicators

91.OMN9 - Block Sectioning

92.OMNA - Assignment for Bin Sectioning

93.OMNB - Assignment PF Status

94.OMNC - Control of Subsequent Screen

95.OMND - Field Selection for Whse Mgmt

96.OMNE - Control of Transactions in MM-WM

97.OMNF - Requirement Types for Whse Mgmt

98.OMNG - Queues Warehouse Management System

99.OMNH - APPC Interface per Warehouse Number

100.OMNI - Print Program per Warehouse Number

101.OMNJ - Link to Warehouse Control Unit

102.OMNK - Inventory Control per Storage Type

103.OMNL - Warehouse Number Maint./Inventory

104.OMNM - Define Mail Recipient

105.OMNN - Conversion Exit SU Number

106.OMNO - Define Mail Recipient

107.OMNP - Authorizations in MM-WM

108.OMNQ - Special Movement Indicators

109.OMNR - TO Print Control with SU Management

110.OMNS - Print Code for TOs with SU Mgmt

111.OMNT - Printer Pool for SU Management

112.OMNU - Print Control with SU Management

113.OMNV - Number Range Intervals for Whse Mgmt

114.OMNW - System Parameters for Dec.Whse Mgmt WM

115.OMNX - Block Storage Indicators

116.OMNY - Access Strategy for Stor.Type Search

117.OMNZ - Parameters for Activity in WM

118.WAP1 - Appointments worklist

119.WAP2 - Maintain goods receipt appointment

120.WAP3 - Display goods receipt appointment

121.WAP4 - Appointment, arrival

122.WAP5 - Appointment, departure

123.WAP6 - Maintain individual appointment

124.WAP7 - App., planned/actual comparison

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