J2EE Engine not starting


I am trying to install WebAS 640 Java system on IBM iSeries OS/400 V5R3 DB2 UDB.

The installation stops when it is trying to start J2EE engine. I get the following error in dev_jcontrol in the work directory:

ERROR => JStartupIGetJDKInfo: Cannot find Java class file [./JdkDetection_464.class]

I also find the following error in dev_jcmon file

ERROR => Can't attach to administration shared memory (rc=3) [jcmonxx_mt.c 219]

I dont have a std_bootstrap.out file in my work directory. I understand that system is not able to generate a class file from the JdkDetection_1058.java file. JAVA_HOME looks good. I have also applied the note 0000717376 (Recommended VM Settings for the iSeries (OS/400) VM) to set the Maxheap size for server and dispatcher.

Request to help me solve my problem.


Krishna Mohan

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