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Lables' Zebra printer issue

Hi to all,

We got a new Zebra printer, model ZM 400 600, settled up and running, and seems sap system stand properly configured

with formatting sever, right character sets and all, following I'm trying to create first labels by using a simple smartfom

including a standard text with the ZPL commands inside,

Now print is actually giving out labels at print command, but is definitely not getting througout the code as labels have no

any good writing on its, and they appear just showing up writings of bare ZPL code the same written inside the text,

I' m not familiar with Zebra printer, anybody could please give me some clue, why is that?

Thanks in advance,


Loaded commands text appears as below:




/ ~DG000.GRF,02048,016,

/ ,:::::::::::::::::X020,::M020202020202H202020202,X020,V0IA0<(>,,

= <)>:V0C020,V08020,V0C420,M020202020282H202020202,V0C420,V0IA0,V0HFE0<(>,

= ,Q02AA0080,Q07FF00C4,Q0IA80BBA0,Q0IFC0FFE0,Q0IA80,P037F7E0,M02022AIA202H

= ,P0KA080O03A0,P0KF0C40M07F80,P0KA0AHAM0HA,O03F0FHF0FFE0K0HFE,M0202822AA2

= ,O07003FF0C420H07FHF80,O02002AA0802001BHBA,O0E001FF0C42007FHFC,O080H0HA0

= ,N018001FF0I0KF,N020I0HAI02AJA,N030H01FF0FE1FIF8,N020I0HAH0KBA0,N020H01F

= ,M0202020AAB3BABBA020202,N080H01FHF3BFHF0,N080I0IA2AHA80,R01FHFH01F,R02A


= ,M0202022A02020202020202,R0FC,R0A8,R0F8,R0A8,R0F0,R0A0,R0F0,M020202A2020

= ,M0202020202020202020202,Q01,Q02,:::,Q04,M0202020202020202020202<(>,,<)> (in text, page goes right...)

/ XALL1199

/ ^PW839

/ FT0,1184XG000.GRF,1,1^FS

/ FT121,157A0B,23,24FH\FDdi^FS


/ FT313,1189A0B,62,62FH\FDMAKT-MAKTX^FS

/ FT452,785A0B,28,28FH\FDMSEG-MEINS^FS

/ FT452,588A0B,28,28FH\FDLotto Fornitore:^FS

/ FO14,1062GB120,0,7^FS

/ FO13,344GB124,0,7^FS

/ FT451,1068A0B,28,28FH\FDMSEG-ERFMG^FS

/ FT451,860A0B,28,28FH\FDu.m.:^FS

/ FT451,860A0B,28,28FH\FDu.m.:^FS

/ FT396,484A0B,28,28FH\FDMSEG-LIFNR^FS

/ FT121,335A0B,23,24FH\FDPallet^FS

/ FT451,1187A0B,28,28FH\FDQuantit\85:^FS

/ FT396,1012A0B,28,28FH\FDMSEG-CHARG^FS

/ BY6,3,240FT761,1037^BCB<(>,,<)>Y,N

/ FD>:1234567890FS

/ FT396,612A0B,28,28FH\FDFornitore:^FS

/ FT46,335A0B,23,24FH\FDData di arrivo:^FS

/ FT397,1188A0B,28,28FH\FDNumero lotto:^FS

/ FT121,272A0B,23,24FH\FDN_PALLET^FS

/ FT80,145A0B,23,24FH\FDN_COLLI^FS

/ FT121,131A0B,23,24FH\FDM_PALLET^FS

/ FT82,335A0B,23,24FH\FDNumero di Colli:^FS

/ FO8,15GB136,1174,8^FS


/ FT213,1004A0B,45,45FH\FDMSEG-MATNR^FS

/ FT211,1187A0B,39,38FH\FDMateriale:^FS


/ PQ1,0,1,YXZ


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