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I'm trying to establish sso between sapgui and server. I was going through

Here are my log entries wich i get from server:

Wed Apr 16 16:09:53 2008

N *** ERROR => SncPEstablishContext()==SNCERR_GSSAPI sncxxall.c 3352

N GSS-API(maj): Miscellaneous Failure

N GSS-API(min): The logon attempt failed

N Unable to establish the security context

N <<- SncProcessInput()==SNCERR_GSSAPI

M *** ERROR => ThSncIn: SncProcessInput (SNCERR_GSSAPI) thxxsnc.c 976

M *** ERROR => ThSncIn: SncProcessInput thxxsnc.c 981

M in_ThErrHandle: 1

M *** ERROR => ThSncIn: SncProcessInput (step 4, th_errno 44, action 1, level 1) thxxhead.c 10205

and from other file:

SncInit(): Initializing Secure Network Communication (SNC)

N PC with Windows NT (mt,ascii,SAP_UC/size_t/void* = 8/32/32)

N SncInit(): found snc/data_protection/max=1, using 1 (Authentication Level)

N SncInit(): found snc/data_protection/min=1, using 1 (Authentication Level)

N SncInit(): found snc/data_protection/use=3, using 1 (Authentication Level)

N SncInit(): found snc/gssapi_lib=F:\usr\sap\TEM\sys\exe\run\gssntlm.dll

N File "F:\usr\sap\<SID>\sys\exe\run\gssntlm.dll" dynamically loaded as GSS-API v2 library.

N The internal Adapter for the loaded GSS-API mechanism identifies as:

N Internal SNC-Adapter (Rev 1.0) to SAP's GSS-API v2 over NTLM(SSPI) Adapter

N SncInit(): found snc/identity/as=p:DOMAIN\SAPService<SID>

N SncInit(): Accepting Credentials available, lifetime=Indefinite

N SncInit(): Initiating Credentials available, lifetime=Indefinite

M SNC (Secure Network Communication) enabled

On clinet i have:

SNC_LIB = C:\Program Files\SAP\FrontEnd\SAPgui\gssntlm.dll and sncgss32.dll in ...\system32.

Also in sapgui i have p:DOMAIN\SAPService<SID>. I get error:

SAP system message:

'Error in the Security Network Layer'

I'm using client with Win Xp sp2 wich is in ad domain and ecc 6.0 is in workgroup. Is it possible to make snc between these two? If yes what i'm doing wrong? Wrong dll's or... i dont know...

Help me please, thx in advice.

(i'm also in digging mode and looking for solution)

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