System error in routine FI_TAX_GET_TXJCD_LEVELS

On trying to create the accounting document from Billing document( the ship to company is in Canada, we use SAP for taxes in Canada), I get strange error:

We are in 4.6c. I checked for OSS notes. There is nothing for version 4.6c ,hiowever there is OSS notes for other versions of SAP.

Error Message:

System error in routine FI_TAX_GET_TXJCD_LEVELS error code 2 function builder TAX2

Message no. FF769


A serious program error has occurred.

System Response

The current processing step cannot be carried out.


If the program error occurred

· In a standard SAP program, then create an OSS message

· In a program you wrote yourself, then correct the program.

Has anyone seen this before?

Please reply at the earliest.