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Unit of a key figure in SCM 5.0, DP

Dear all

this question is based on reading the release notes and help files to SCM 5.0 (APO 5.0) without having access to a SCM 5.0 system to verify exactly how it is meant.

In 5.0, it should be possible to specify the unit of measure for a specific user (User settings in Interactive Planning). Are these user settings possible to specify on a user + planning book + key figure level?

The main requirement is to have one common planning area for all forecasted materials. The unit of the planning area is CT. Then most products are also forecasted in CT, but some should be forecasted in KG (for these materials a conversion factor between CT and KG will exist in the product master). My idea is then to have a separate planning book for forecasting these materials and that the key figures such as "Sales history" and "Sales Forecast" will be displayed automatically in KG when using this planning book based on the user settings for the key figures + planning book.

Are my assumptions correct? All feedback is appreciated.

Thanks and best regards


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Hi Eivind,

It is not possible to have separate units of measure for particular users per se, but here is what I have learned from our own implementation (SCM 5.0 & BW 7.0):

1. A planning area can only have one unit of measure assigned as the default. In your case it sounds like you will assign "CT" as the default unit of measure.

2. You can display a different unit of measure for a product in the planning book, provided you have defined it as such in your product master record. Here's how it works: Product A is defined in the product master record with a base unit of measure of "KG". The product master record also has an alternate unit of measure defined as 1 KG = 1 CT. When the user loads a selection of product A in a data view, it will automatically convert the CT to KG and display KG to the user.

This breaks down when you aggregate up: even if all products in family Z have alternate units of measure defined in their respective product master records of 1 KG = 1 CT, the system will still display "CT" when aggregated to the family level.

3. When loading history from an InfoCube to the Planning Area, the system does not check the unit of measure. So if you have data in the cube for Product B in KG and the planning area is defined with CT, the system will load 100 KG as 100 CT -- even if 1 KG = 2 CT! Probably this isn't a problem if you are using ECC and SCM together.

4. Users can in fact have their own settings for a plannig book data view, but you have to maintain the data behind the scenes. I think with UOM the user can only switch between base UOM and Planning Area UOM, but we maintain currency conversions that let the user switch between USD, Euros, Japanese Yen and Australian Dollars.

I think point #2 answers your question, the rest is just background, but it sounds like you can do what you're asking if the product master record (i.e., transaction /SAPAPO/MAT1) has the alternate units of measure maintained. If you're lucky, the data is already in your ECC system and can be pulled over via the CIF.


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