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Expired useful life calculated by system - I want SAP to change it

Hi, I have a problem with assets, I will try to explain it and I will appreciate any help in advance;

Capitalization date 01.02.2007

Depreciation calculation start date 01.05.2007

Expired useful life in periods at start of fiscal year 334 days

those data have been loaded into SAP in the initial upload.

the problem was:

step 1 - when uploading the asset master data using AS91 CAP date was informed with 01.02.2007; automatically SAP informed Dep. Cal. Start date with 01.02.2007 and calculated Exp. useful live based in that date as 334.

step 2- our load program informed Dep. Cal start date with 01.05.2007 but Expired Useful life was not recalculated. the system showed a warning message:

Expired useful life 000 244 calculated by system (Check)

Message no. AA910


The System has calculated the expired useful life from the depreciation start date as having 000 years and 244 periods. This differs from the expired useful life entered with 000 years and 334 periods.

but did not update the Expired useful life automatically with the calculated one.

If we manually change the Dep. Cal. Start date SAP shows the same warning, but does not change automatically the Expired useful life as we expected.

We believe that in our experience SAP did it automatically. Does anybody knows if it is possible or not that SAP change the Expired useful life with the calculated one.

Thanks in advance.

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