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Optimize TLB Lane Means of Transport based on Least Cost & Delay Costs


Want some help in SNP & TLB in APO with respect to selection of Least Cost of Means of Transport.

I have Lanes in my Supply Chain Network of 1 Plants and 6 DCs, 2 of which are Regional DCs (Mother DCs). The 2 Mother DCs supply to the 4 Local DCs. In each Lane, I have the Option of sending Loads by Multiple Modes by Rail, Road and even Vessel on some Lanes. I want SNP to select the Least Cost to the Organization by normally selecting the Means of Transport with Least Costs (say Rail), but if the Delay and Non-Delivery Costs at Destination are higher, then even suggest a Costly Means of Transport (Vessel or Road).

Assume that Delay & Non-Delivery Penalty Costs are Higher than all the Lane Costs after say 3 days on Non-Delivery. (i.e : If Stock is not available today then I can wait for 2 days for still choosing Rail Transport, but after that the Delay Penalty and Non-Delivery is so high, that I must choose the Road Means of Transport).

Can this be done in SNP ? Is it a Functionality of normal Heuristic, or Optimizer or CTM or none of above ?

(I was thinking Optimizer may do this .. but am not very sure. The documentation I am reading can select between alternate sources to the same destination based on Costs, but I was not sure if APO can select in the same Lane between Multiple Means of Transport based on Transportation Cost balancing with Delay / NonDelivery Penalties).

Can we distinguish in R/3 and APO between a Purchase Req created between different Means of Transport on the same Lane ?

How can this business need be met in APO ? I would be very obliged if someone with SNP Knowhow could guide.


Ambrish Mathur

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