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101. What is true about the primary index of a table? More than one answer is correct.

a) The key fields of the table make up the primary index

b) The primary index ID is designated by the Database Adminstrator

c) The developer designates the fields to be used as the primary index

d) The primary index is automatically created when the table is activated

102. Which of the following gets stored as a Runtime Object?

a) Programs

b) Tables

c) Aggregate Objects

d) Fixed Values belonging to a domain

103. When is it better to buffer the table?

a) When a table is read infrequently

b) When a table is read frequently and the data seldom changes

c) When a table is read frequently and the data is always changing

d) When a table is linked to check tables

104. Identify the different type categories in the ABAP dictionary. More than one answer is correct.

a) Data Elements

b) Structures

c) Data definitions

d) Table Types

e) Data Models

105. What is true about views? More than one answer is correct.

a) A view is automatically created on the database upon activation

b) A view contains data

c) Maintenance Views are not updateable

d) Views can be buffered

106. Identify the case where table buffering should be set off.

a) When the most current data is required

b) When the most current data is not required

c) For Small Static non volatile tables

d) For Global Master Data

107. Table T1 wants to ensure that the key field t1-fielda entered is valid against a field t2-fielda in table T2. Which is the foreign key table?

a) T1

b) T2

c) T3 from the dictionary

d) Cannot be determined

108. Identify the one addition that is not part of the interface of a method

a) Importing

b) Result

c) Exception

d) Returning

109. What is the effect when a CLEAR statement is used on an internal table without header line?

a) The work area is intitialized

b) All the lines of the table are deleted

c) All the lines of the table are initialized

d) Nothing

110. What is the default mode for passing actual parameters in a Perform?

a) By Value

b) By Reference

c) By Changing

111. In the case of a function, Identify the item that is not a valid interface element.

a) Import parameters

b) Export parameters

c) Tables

d) Source Code

e) Exceptions

112. How would you clear the body of an internal table (with a header line). More than one answer is correct.

a) Clear ITAB[]

b) Refresh ITAB []

c) Clear ITAB

d) Refresh ITAB

113. When catching errors using the CATCH…ENDCATCH statement, where does the runtime error return code get placed?

a) sy-subrc

b) sy-fdpos

c) error class

d) system-exceptions

114. What is the value of ZFIELDB after the last line of the following code is executed?

Data: ZFIELDA(5) type c value 'ABCDE'.

ZFIELDB(4) type c.





b) Spaces



115. Mark the valid use of the data statement. Assume that ZBOOK-ID is a dictionary object.

a) Data fielda value zbook-id

b) Data fielda type c like zbook-id

c) Data fielda(5) like zbook-id

d) Data fielda like zbook-id

116. Assuming you have created a data object of type c with the name ZFIELDA in your program. Which of the following is allowed?

a) Data: ZFIELDA type n

b) Types: ZFIELDA type I

c) Data: ZFIELDA type c

d) Constants: ZFIELDA type n

117. What do search statements REPLACE, SHIFT, CONCATENATE, SPLIT have in common? More than one answer is correct.

a) They all set sy-subrc

b) They all set sy-fdpos

c) They all distinguish between upper and lower case

d) They all treat the operands as type C regardless of their actual type

e) The actual type of each operand determines how the string processing is performed

118. What are valid uses of a variant? More than one answer is correct.

a) Hiding input fields

b) Pre-assigning values

c) Input validation

d) Security checking

119. How can you perform a direct database read from a buffered table?

a) Do not have buffering in the technical attributes

b) Add the BYPASSING BUFFER clause on the select statement

c) Buffering can be turned off on the application server by the programmer using the ABAP Workbench

120. What is the Effect of not Typing Formal parameters in a Form?

a) Conversion always occurs

b) Conversion never occurs

c) Forms are more flexible but prone to a short dump if conversion does not work

d) No effect

e) Forms are less flexible and are guaranteed no chance of a run time error

121. What requirement exists if a field is defined in the dictionary of type CURR?

a) The field must be numeric

b) Decimals must be defined in the domain

c) The field must be linked to another field of type CUKY

d) No other requirement exists

122. Which of the following is not a valid ABAP data statement?

a) Data fielda(5) type c

b) Data fielda(5) type n

c) Data fielda(5) type t

d) Data fielda(5) type x

123. What is the result of the following date calculation? Assume current date is 20001220.

Data: Today(8) type C.

Today = sy-datum.

Today = 10.

a) 10

b) 20001220

c) 10001220

d) 20011210

124. Mark the default size for a packed field

a) 1

b) 2

c) 4

d) 8

e) size must be specified

125. Refer to the following Code. What is the value of sy-fdpos and sy-subrc after the search is executed?

Data: mystring type c value 'ARAMCO'.

Search mystring for 'X'

a) sy-fdpos = 0 and sy-subrc = 0

b) sy-fdpos = 0 and sy-subrc = 4

c) sy-fdpos = 4 and sy-subrc = 0

d) sy-fdpos = 4 and sy-subrc = 4

126. What is true of passing by value and result in the following code? More than one answer is correct.

Perform calculate_sales using amount.

FORM calculate_sales changing value(f_amount)

a) Formal Parameter f_amount is allocated it’s own memory space

b) The address of the actual parameter is passed to the formal parameter

c) Formal parameter is copied to memory space of actual parameter at the end of the form

d) Formal parameter is not copied to memory space of actual parameter

127. Define a Logical Database.

a) An ABAP/4 Reading Program used to read and process data

b) A method to update data

c) A Reporting Tool

d) Defintion of a Relational Data Model

128. What happens if message E046 is raised?

At Selection-Screen on sales.

If sales-low < 500.

Message E046.


a) The initialization event is fired again

b) Field Sales is open for input and all other fields are not available for input

c) All fields are open for input and cursor is positioned on field sales

d) The program ends

129. What is a structured type in the ABAP dictionary that has no physical table defintion in the underlying database referred to as?

a) table

b) structured data type

c) structure

d) table type

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