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Hi all,

I am using <b>MTO</b> scenario. In the material master of the finished good I have entered <b>“10”</b> in the <b>“in-house manufacturing time”</b> field. I have used <b>PD</b> as the MRP type & <b>20</b> as the strategy group.

When I create the sales order for the material and after entering the qty when I press enter the system displays a new screen where it shows – the open (order) quantity & the proposed delivery date which it determines after adding the number of days 10 to the current date. Here I control the delivery in 2 ways:

1. When I click on <b>“continue”</b> – The system is not able to determine any confirmed schedule line. So when I try to create a delivery using transaction code <b>VL01N</b> the system gives error, which is expected. Also when I try to use the transaction code <b>VL10A</b> the system does not show me the order that I have created.

Thus I have control over the delivery.

2. On the same screen in the sales order when I click on the <b>“delivery proposal”</b> the system automatically determines 2 schedule lines. Now when I try to create the delivery using <b>VL01N</b> & <b>VL10A</b> the system does not allow which is expected.


The customer wants to combine multiple sales orders into a single delivery. Everyday various orders are fed into the system & some orders belong to one customer only. But from the production the goods are received part by part say for order A 2 items, for order B 5 items. The user has to do packing as and when the material comes into the finished goods store. In some cases 2 different materials belonging to different orders of the same customer have to be packed.

So my question is,

1. Is it possible to create a single delivery for multiple sales orders of a single customer? The following terms will be same:

Ship to party,

Payment terms,

Inco terms,

Shipping type,

Delivery Type,

If this is possible then how this has to be configured in the SAP system.

2. Can I go on adding materials belonging to different orders of the same customer in a single delivery? If it is possible then how this has to be configured in the SAP system.

3. If i run the <b>MB51</b> report using movement type <b>321</b> I will be able to see on that day against which sales order what material has arrived in <b>FG Store</b>. Can this be used directly to enter the material in the delivery?

I have tried a lot but i am not sure that how i will be able to arrive at the nearest solution to solve this problem.

Please guide me.


Allabaqsh G. Patil

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