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Installation Server - Beginner Questions

We are a VERY large install of SAPGui and have decided to move from SMS deployment to SAP Installation Server for the <u>GUI version 7.10</u> for Windows. Have a few questions that are not clear in the white papers I've read up to this point.

<u>Patching Multiple Installation Servers</u>

Do you have to manually patch each server or is it best practice to patch the one 'Master' server and then use NWCreateInstServer.exe to pass the updated source to the other downstream servers?

Can the installation servers be set for any sort of 'self update' like the Gui Client so that if one master installation server is patched, that the downstream servers will acquire the patch automatically?

<u>Local Security Handling</u>

I had this working fine on two servers. Today users trying to install SAPGui got message that Admin Rights couldn't be obtained. I checked the servers and Distribution Service was still running. So I stopped it, re-ran the Wizard to configure LSH on both servers and everything is back working fine. The only thing I had done the day before was apply BI tools patch to both servers. What would have stopped LSH?

Is there anything special that has to be done regarding the Distribution Service and LSH when an installation server is rebooted?

<u>LSH and Distribution Service Configuration</u>

Does this have to be done manually on each installation server? Is there a way to transfer it when using NWCreateInstServer.exe?

Thanks for your time!

Bob H

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