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MDM on Linux - stop/start on OS

Hi all,

I have been working with an MDM test installation (stand alone - no NetWeaver installed) on a Linux server.

So far I had been trying to find a way to stop/start the services (MDS,MDIS,MDSS) in an automatic way and what I achieved is the following:

Set up 3 alias for starting the services

alias startmdis='pushd ~/mdm/mdis ; /opt/MDM/bin/mdis ; popd'

alias startmds='pushd ~/mdm/mds ; /opt/MDM/bin/mds ; popd'

alias startmdss='pushd ~/mdm/mdss ; /opt/MDM/bin/mdss ; popd'

and a small script which find the process ID and kills the 3 servers by calling stopmdm <server_name>

mdm@mucsapt2:~/scripts> more stopmdm



  1. Script to stop the MDM Server PIDs

  2. mds, mdis, mdss



for X in `ps acx | grep -i $1 | awk {'print $1'}`; do

kill $X;


I am not sure is the best way for both actions but I have not found a better one. As far as I am aware stop/start through Console (MDS server only) and/or the CLIX doesn't work for Linux . I have tested and indeed I had issues.

Now in order to implement a backup solution for the MDM database I need to find a way that the applications are stopped before the DB goes down (off line backup) and started afterwards. This should be done automatically in a scheduled manner (cronjobs).

I found the following thread with similar queries.

Any ideas if there are similar cases from your experience with MDM and Linux?

Thanks in advance,


Former Member
Former Member replied

Hi Loukas

Add to Cleopatra's answer:

[code]mdm> clix mdsStop <hostname> Admin:<server_pw_if_any>[/code]

For your offline backup solution you can call your start and stop scripts. Additionally you probably have to start your repository (s). I integrated this in my startscript, and added an 'all' option, which starts the database, mdm processes and the reps. Here is the repository part:

[code]if [ "$arg1" = "all" ]; then

  1. load all repositories in background

stopped_reps=`clix mdsStatus $hostname_full Admin:$mdmpw | grep Stopped | awk '{ print $1 }'`

for rep in $stopped_reps; do clix repLoad $hostname_full $:$:o:mdm Admin:$mdmpw -R -W > /dev/

null 2>&1 ; done &

echo ""

echo "starting Repositories: "$stopped_reps" in background!"

echo ""

echo "check the progress with: clix mdsStatus $hostname_full Admin:<mdmpw>"


Best regards, Michael

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