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MDM on Linux - stop/start on OS

Hi all,

I have been working with an MDM test installation (stand alone - no NetWeaver installed) on a Linux server.

So far I had been trying to find a way to stop/start the services (MDS,MDIS,MDSS) in an automatic way and what I achieved is the following:

Set up 3 alias for starting the services

alias startmdis='pushd ~/mdm/mdis ; /opt/MDM/bin/mdis ; popd'

alias startmds='pushd ~/mdm/mds ; /opt/MDM/bin/mds ; popd'

alias startmdss='pushd ~/mdm/mdss ; /opt/MDM/bin/mdss ; popd'

and a small script which find the process ID and kills the 3 servers by calling stopmdm <server_name>

mdm@mucsapt2:~/scripts> more stopmdm



  1. Script to stop the MDM Server PIDs

  2. mds, mdis, mdss



for X in `ps acx | grep -i $1 | awk {'print $1'}`; do

kill $X;


I am not sure is the best way for both actions but I have not found a better one. As far as I am aware stop/start through Console (MDS server only) and/or the CLIX doesn't work for Linux . I have tested and indeed I had issues.

Now in order to implement a backup solution for the MDM database I need to find a way that the applications are stopped before the DB goes down (off line backup) and started afterwards. This should be done automatically in a scheduled manner (cronjobs).

I found the following thread with similar queries.

Any ideas if there are similar cases from your experience with MDM and Linux?

Thanks in advance,



Hi Loukas

Add to Cleopatra's answer:

[code]mdm> clix mdsStop <hostname> Admin:<server_pw_if_any>[/code]

For your offline backup solution you can call your start and stop scripts. Additionally you probably have to start your repository (s). I integrated this in my startscript, and added an 'all' option, which starts the database, mdm processes and the reps. Here is the repository part:

[code]if [ "$arg1" = "all" ]; then

  1. load all repositories in background

stopped_reps=`clix mdsStatus $hostname_full Admin:$mdmpw | grep Stopped | awk '{ print $1 }'`

for rep in $stopped_reps; do clix repLoad $hostname_full $:$:o:mdm Admin:$mdmpw -R -W > /dev/

null 2>&1 ; done &

echo ""

echo "starting Repositories: "$stopped_reps" in background!"

echo ""

echo "check the progress with: clix mdsStatus $hostname_full Admin:<mdmpw>"


Best regards, Michael

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