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Data exchange between SAP CRM and another system


I have to do data exchange between two systems, for this purpose I using XIF, but

I am new in XIF and I need somebody help me.

Will you please so kind to help me?

I need to exchange data between SAP CRM and another external system.

Let me explain a little my processes.

After creating Business partner, I have to create service order for this business partner and sent <b>both</b> Business partner and Service Order to another system in XML.

<b>The first question</b>, is how can I create one XML document with both Business partner and Service order data in one document.

Now I can create Business partner and after pressing button Save, data will sent using XIF in XML to another system. But only Business partner, I don’t know how can I add Service Order data into this XML file.

<b>The second question</b>, is how can I sent data not only on event CRMXIF_PARTNER_SAVE, but on another event, for example, CRMXIF_PARTNER_MODIFY , but I haven’t found this event.

<b>The third question</b> is how can I analyze Business partner data before event CRMXIF_PARTNER_SAVE, for example, if Business partner role is employee, than I have not sent data to another system.

<b>The fourth question</b> is how can I convert data from another format into XIF format, for example, after I have sent Business partner and Service order into another system, this system will send xml file with some data to CRM, but in format, which SAP CRM can’t understand

<b>And the last</b>, is XIF good for this purpose? As I can understand XIF is good only for export data, but not for exchange data. May be there is some another good decision for data exchange?

Best regards,




In regards to your first question it is not possible with XIF, however you could possibly write some BADI exits in the BP transaction/CRMM_ACCOUNT application to write out a service order object to another queue. However the service order and business partner data would be in separate queues.

The second question is the PARTNER_SAVE covers both creation and modification

For your third question I believe you can setup a filter on the adapter object for your XIF site. So the BUPA_MAIN object would have a filter setup to exclude partners with certain attributes. However you can only filter on fields contained in BUT000 and those are limited to:







The fourth question is that you can write a custom abap program and use the simple transformations to translate the data, or use the LSMW tool and setup the data transfer.

Unfortunately your questions are some interesting challenges that go beyond the vanilla scope of the tool. I believe the tool could help you, but you may need to do a lot of custom work to get everything to work correctly. You are probably better off using a BADI(perhaps BUPA_GENERAL_EXPORT or PARTNER_UPDATE) in the transaction BP to write a change document/file out to the filesystem that records the outbound interface. For the inbound interface I would recommend a custom program using the simple transformations tool or ABAP XML toolkit to handle the processing.

Good luck,


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