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select KONTO_TXT, KOSTL, HKONT, *ACCNT* from which tables?

Hi All,

I am trying to select the following data - but am coming up against no direct read and data structure problems. I have even tried to write a program to select data but am getting data dictionary errors.

<u>Desired Select</u>

(for user who wants to see all line items on their cost centre, by GL account and referencing Vendor where data is available)

Line item with GL, Cost Centre AND Vendor name (where applicable).

Data information (from screen FB60 - which maybe the wrong place to look) - <b>but probably more to do with report KSB1</b>

Vendor - INVFO-ACCNT (top line) ... no direct read on INVFO table

GL - ACGL_ITEM-HKONT(line item) ... ACGL_ITEM is a data structure ... on table SKB1

Cost Centre - ACGL_ITEM-KOSTL (line item) ... ACGL_ITEM is a data structure ... on INVFO table

Short Text - ACGL_ITEM-KONTO_TXT (line item) ... ACGL_ITEM is a data structure ... on INVFO table


<b>Is there a simple join I can write to bring back this information?</b>

I'm just having trouble finding tables I can query against and have had no luck using SE11, SE12, SQVI, ST05 or SQ01. Sorry, but my SAP knowloedge is limited


report GetDesiredData.

data: wa_data-LineItem type <u><b>????,</b></u>

wa_data-CostCentre type <u><b>????,</b></u>

wa_data-GLacc type <u><b>????,</b></u>

wa_data-Vendor type <u><b>????.</b></u>

select * from <b>????</b> into corresponding fields of wa_data.

  • will create screen and where variables later


write: (20) wa_data-LineItem color col_normal,

(10) wa_data-CostCentre color col_negative,

(10) wa_data-GLacc color col_normal,

(10) wa_data-Vendor color col_negative.


Many many thanks for all and any help.

Kind Regards,


Former Member

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