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ALV Output Help Req?


I have to display the of ALV output horizontaily: itab1 + itab2.

I hada itab1(6 records) & itab2(3 records).The ALV output shd be displying all records:itab1-name,itab1-age,itab1-state,itab1-company,itab1-post,itab1-salary,itab2-name,itab2-age,itab2-state,itab2-company,itab2-post,itab2-salary.

the data shd be in parallel form,I had used the append so its,adding the data of itab2 into final itab,but after all the records of itab1,but I want them parallely.

Can plz any one tel me,i have to use Move or Append to solve this???

IF gt_final1[] IS NOT INITIAL.

LOOP AT gt_final1.

gt_final3-banfn = gt_final1-banfn.

gt_final3-badat = gt_final1-badat.

gt_final3-werks = gt_final1-werks.

gt_final3-udate1 = gt_final1-udate1.

gt_final3-ekgrp = gt_final1-ekgrp.

gt_final3-ebeln = gt_final1-ebeln.

gt_final3-bnfpo = gt_final1-bnfpo.

gt_final3-matnr = gt_final1-matnr.

gt_final3-menge = gt_final1-menge.

gt_final3-bsmng = gt_final1-bsmng.

gt_final3-menge1 = gt_final1-menge1.

APPEND gt_final3.

CLEAR : gt_final1.


CLEAR : gt_final3.


IF gt_final2[] IS NOT INITIAL.

LOOP AT gt_final2.

gt_final3-banfn2 = gt_final2-banfn.

gt_final3-badat2 = gt_final2-badat.

gt_final3-werks2 = gt_final2-werks.

gt_final3-udate2 = gt_final2-udate1.

gt_final3-ekgrp2 = gt_final2-ekgrp.

gt_final3-ebeln2 = gt_final2-ebeln.

gt_final3-bnfpo2 = gt_final2-bnfpo.

gt_final3-matnr2 = gt_final2-matnr.

gt_final3-menge2 = gt_final2-menge.

gt_final3-bsmng2 = gt_final2-bsmng.

gt_final3-menge3 = gt_final2-menge1.

APPEND gt_final3.

CLEAR : gt_final2.


CLEAR : gt_final3.


Plz help me,if you are clrear with my query????



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