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Over sensitivity

While reading the Workflow Forum, I came across the Workflow related tables. Urgent. Please help.. It became a discussion over the use of Urgent and the matter of what questions should be answered. To my mind this brings up a problem which we should address.

In this case, the question was basically ignored when the answer should have been something like: "here is the basic answer, but this is the way you should look at it". What we had was someone from a more "classic"ABAP background asking questions about workflow reporting. We should be reading the questions with a thought to why they are being asked and how we can phrase a response to assist and educate the questioner, with the aim of everyone moving forward.

This would mean that I would hopefully find on sites less uninformed solutions based around bootstrapping a technology, and more solutions using a correct and logical use of the technology.

In short, we are getting overly focussed on what is 'wrong', and less on how we can assist people to learn. If we take the view that you must be a genius to ask questions, then I wonder who will be left with the 'qualifications' to ask.

It is true there are a lot of time-wasters out there (although I would argue the overall percentage is low) but if the question is too silly/lazy/fatuous then the best response is not to answer. They will be fielded and possibly mislead by 'point-hunters' at any rate. (My answer to this is to reward all points with a tshirt saying 'I am a complete idiot and get my clothes from IT fora"). But if the question is a sincere quest for knowledge and understanding, then it really is evident in the text.

At some stage we have all felt ignorant or even scared by something which is new to us, and I think we should all bear this in mind when answering forum questions, with the exception of the truly omnipient.

You know it makes sense.


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