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RFC Error


Im trying to send mails out from the SAP system. Im using Windows, and I can't use sendmail program. I wrote a perl script to send the mails to the smtp server. It works fine, if I use the transaction code sm69.

My problem is if I create a new message in the SAP system (SAP Office) the message can't pass the RFC knot. I get the error XS816.

On the application server Im using mlunxsnd for the outgoing mails. I used the command mlunxsnd -D <RFC_DESTINATION> to activate. In the moment the mail is send I get the following message in the command window:

G:usrsapD06SYSexeucNTI386>mlunxsnd -D SENDMAIL_SERVER
[Thr 32372] RFC >>>> [1] < accepted > : REG  <ac 1> L  >>> READ (52795042)
[Thr 32372] RFC Received RFCHEADER [1]: 01/LIT/IEEE/SPACE/1100
[Thr 32372] RFC Received UNICODE-RFCHEADER [1]: cp:4103/ce:IGNORE/et:3/cs:2/rc:0x00000023
[Thr 32372] RFC UUID: ab_rfccheck_uuid take uuid over {BF308CD5-5082-4BFF-ADA2-AFD91B68A41F}
[Thr 32372] RFC
[Thr 32372] >>>> rfcAbort called by RFC Library in file: rfc0.c, line: 1013
[Thr 32372] RFC         handle = 1
[Thr 32372] RFC         text = Function SX_OBJECT_RECEIVE is not available
[Thr 32372] RFC >>>> [1] < accepted > : REG  <ac 2> L mshsaptms6 >>> FLUSH (READ) (52795042)
[Thr 32372]   -{BF308CD5-5082-4BFF-ADA2-AFD91B68A41F}
[Thr 32372] RFC Send RFCHEADER: 01/LIT/IEEE/SPACE/1100
[Thr 32372] RFC Send UNICODE-RFCHEADER: cp:1100/ce:IGNORE/et:5/cs:1/rc:0x00000023
[Thr 32372] RFC UUID: send_rfcuuid {BF308CD5-5082-4BFF-ADA2-AFD91B68A41F}
[Thr 32372] RFC >>>> [1] < accepted > : REG  <ac 3> L mshsaptms6 >>> WRITE (52795042)
[Thr 32372]   -{BF308CD5-5082-4BFF-ADA2-AFD91B68A41F}
[Thr 32372] RFC >>>> [1] < accepted > : REG  <ac 4> L mshsaptms6 >>> FLUSH(WRITE) (52795042)
[Thr 32372]   -{BF308CD5-5082-4BFF-ADA2-AFD91B68A41F}

Any ideas?



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