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Possibilities in PLD

Hi all,

Is there an option in PLD to determine the company logo on the layout of an Invoice based on the selected item? For instance to set a UDF (True or False) on the item, when selected in a sales document to determine which company logo is selected on the printout.

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Here is the contents of the thread

I would like to change a logo (picture) on a form based on the value in another field. Any help would be appreciated. The general idea would be something like this:

if (Field_xxx > 59) {

use picture 1

} else {

use picture 2


Also, any documentation on the layout designer and/or XL Reporter would be great. Thanks in advance.

Daan Posthumus

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Re: Print Layout Designer ?

Posted: Nov 1, 2007 4:36 PM in response to: Sam Grady Reply E-mail this post

I gave a solution to a similar issue and I quote it here for you:

Say for eg. your wh codes are 01, 02 and wh names are 'Sales', 'Showroom'. You will need text fields for each wh code and for each wh name 01, 02. and 'Sales', 'Showroom'.

Now a formula for each occurance - Lets assume your fields have the following unique ID's:

The existing variable displaying the wh code = F_01

Your 01 text field = F_02

Your 02 text field = F_03

Your 'Sales' Text field = F_04

Your 'Showroom text field = F_05

Your formula's will be - F_01==F_02 and F_01==F_03

Now link the text fields containing the wh names to the formulas (Field properties - general tab) - eg. link F_04 to the first formula. Make the formulas not visible.

Now the wh name should display according to the wh code.

For your situation you will use the company name instead of wh code.

Let me know if you need more help



jimmy michael

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Re: Print Layout Designer ?

Posted: Nov 1, 2007 6:07 PM in response to: Sam Grady Reply E-mail this post

For your second query, come and join this mailist :

for more easy SAP B1 documentation exchange and help another among mailist members.


Adrian Johnson

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Re: Print Layout Designer ?

Posted: Nov 1, 2007 6:40 PM in response to: Sam Grady Reply E-mail this post


Easiest option is to add two formula fields to the layout (hide them)

Field_xxx > 59

Field_xxx <= 59

Add two picture fields.

Use the Link To field on the properties form, general tab. Link one picture to the first formula field and the second one to the other formula field.




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