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Role mapping issue between Portal and SAP R/3

Hai All,

Currently we are using EP 5.0, with ITS 6.1, Unifier 5.0 and SAP R/3 4.6. We planned to upgrade to EP 6.0.

I find that role mapping between EP 5.0 and SAP R/3 is simple and its dynamic, where as in EP 6.0 its static tedious.

Let me explain how role are mapped between EP 5.0 and SAP in our environment.

In SAP assume, we have three Roles, and each role has three programs.


ZSAPROLE1 : ProgramA1, Program A2, ProgramA3

ZSAPROLE2 : ProgramB1, Program B2, ProgramB3

ZSAPROLE3 : ProgramC1, Program A1, ProgramB1

For the SAP Userid, USER1, USER2 and USER3 roles are assigned in SAP R/3 as shown below.




In portal, we have only one role, ZPORTALROLE and its attached to user id USER1, USER2, USER3.

In portal a data source "SAP_SYSTEM" is created which points to ITS server and Unification Server. Portal role ZPORTALROLE is attached to datasource "SAP_SYSTEM"

When USER1 logs into portal. Unification server check in SAP what are all the roles attached to this user in SAP and picks role ZSAPROLE1 & ZSAPROLE2. These two roles has 6 program attached to it but ProgramA1 is in role ZSAPROLE1 & ZSAPROLE3. Unification server merges this and shows 5 program in IPanel area of portal.

Any changes to the object(program) in role or any changes to user roles are done in SAP R/3 without doing any change in portal.

This is how portal roles and SAP roles are mapped.

In EP 6.0, this framework is not there and i feel a good function is lost in EP 6.0.

I will explain how for the above roles and userid in EP 6.0 the roles are mapped.

In EP 6.0, the SAP roles ZSAPROLE1, ZSAPROLE2 and ZSAPROLE3 are imported. Which means you have these roles in SAP and portal. In EP 5.0 we have only one role ZPORTALROLE.

Anychange to the SAP role, example if ZSAPROLE1 is changed in SAP R/3 then that change is not reflected in portal roles. To have the changed role in portal we need to import the role ZSAPROLE1 again. Whereas in EP 5.0 unification server takes care of showing the up-to-date roles.

In EP 6.0 role roles are attached to users as follows,




which is in the same format like the roles are assigne to user in SAP. In EP 5.0 we just assign ZPORTALROLE to all the user and unification server takes care os showing what are the roles attached to the user.

Please let me know how to achieve the above EP 5.0 functionaltiy in EP 6.0 or is there any way other way to solve this problem.

Thanks & Regards,

H.K.Hayath Basha.

Former Member
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