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Access to class-attribute by Interface-reference

Hi OO-Gurus,

I use an implementation of BADI ME_PROCESS_REQ_CUST to fill and handle user-defined fields in the MM-Purchase-Requisition, method IF_EX_ME_PROCESS_REQ_CUST~OPEN.

There I use a reference variable which refers to an interface (type ref to IF_PURCHASE_REQUISITION_ITEM) to access the item-object. My problem is that I need to have access to the class-attribute my_state. The corresponding class lcl_req_item is defined locally (LMEREQF01). So I can’t use a reference variable with reference to this class (so widening cast using the interface-reference is not possible) .. Does anyone know a trick how to access the class-attribute anyway?





l_item_akt TYPE mereq_item,


l_item_list = im_header->get_items().

loop at l_item_list into l_item.

l_item_akt = l_item-item->get_data( ).

l_item_ref = l_item-item.



(Debugging the code, I manage by doubleclicking the fieldcontent of l_item_ref (e.g ) to show the content of the class-attribute my_state. This works only if the field “Interface” in the Debugger is empty because then I see the attributes of the class. If the field Interface is filled with “IF_PURCHASE_REQUISITION_ITEM”, there aren’t any attributes shown.)

Thanks in advance for your kind help!!


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Former Member replied

Hello Nicole

The following sample coding shows you how to solve your problem. Please do not ask me how I came across this solution.

However, if you are studying it carefully you may stumble across a most beautiful property of field-symbols as I did.

METHOD if_ex_me_process_req_cust~open.

  DATA: l_item_list TYPE mmpur_requisition_items,
  l_item TYPE mmpur_requisition_item,
  l_item_akt TYPE mereq_item,
  l_item_ref TYPE REF TO if_purchase_requisition_item.

    ld_attr         TYPE string,
    lo_obj          TYPE REF TO object.

    <lo_lcl>        TYPE ANY,
    <ls_item>       TYPE mereq_item,
    <ls_itemx>      TYPE mereq_itemx.

  l_item_list = im_header->get_items( ).

  LOOP AT l_item_list INTO l_item.
    l_item_akt = l_item-item->get_data( ).
    l_item_ref = l_item-item.

    lo_obj     ?= l_item-item.  " casting to root object !!!!!

    ld_attr = 'MY_STATE'.
    ASSIGN lo_obj->(ld_attr) TO <lo_lcl>.

    ld_attr = 'MY_STATE->ITEM'.
    ASSIGN lo_obj->(ld_attr) TO <ls_item>.
"    ASSIGN l_item_ref->(ld_attr) TO <ls_item>.  " does not work...
    ld_attr = 'MY_STATE->ITEMX'.
    ASSIGN lo_obj->(ld_attr) TO <ls_itemx>.


  " NOTE: data definition of local class lcl_req_item_state (fg MEREQ)
**    DATA:  item           TYPE mereq_item,
**           itemx          TYPE mereq_itemx,
**           header         TYPE REF TO lcl_req_header,
**           ref_item       TYPE REF TO lcl_req_item,
**           acct_container TYPE REF TO lcl_acct_container,
**           source         TYPE REF TO cl_source_of_supply_mm,
**           release_state  TYPE REF TO cl_release_state_mm,
**           text_manager   TYPE REF TO lcl_text_manager,
**           bom            TYPE REF TO lcl_bom,
**           funds_mgt_active TYPE mmpur_bool VALUE mmpur_no,
**           aktyp          TYPE aktyp,
**           no_auth        TYPE mmpur_bool VALUE mmpur_no,
**           release_op     type mmpur_bool value mmpur_no,
**           persistent     TYPE mmpur_bool VALUE mmpur_no,
**           checked        TYPE mmpur_bool VALUE mmpur_no,
**           manual_configuration TYPE mmpur_bool,
**           input_buffer_changed TYPE mmpur_bool VALUE mmpur_no,
**           changed        TYPE mmpur_bool,
**           broken_rules   TYPE lty_mask,
**           referenced_rules TYPE lty_mask,
**           chp_changes    TYPE mmchp_chp_list,
**           dcm_manager    TYPE REF TO if_revision_manager_dcm,
**           "DCM Retrofit
**           rel_state_after_release TYPE REF TO cl_release_state_mm,
**           "DCM Retrofit
**           chdoc_container TYPE REF TO lcl_chdoc_container,
**           "DCM Retrofit
**           service_changed TYPE mmpur_bool,
**           "DCM Retrofit
**           determinants   TYPE lty_item_determinants.




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