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How to retrieve workbook's "Last Refreshed" value using VBA?

Does anyone know how to retrieve a BEx workbook's "Last Refreshed" value using VBA?

What I've done is expand upon a colleague's existing Excel VBA solution to automatically log into SAP BEx and batch process (and also schedule) the running of multiple BEx reports. As each BEx report in the queue is processed, the results of the run are written to a "Results" worksheet -- indicating whether that BEx report was processed successfully or not. I'm pretty much done, and everything works like a charm.

Except I have one little problem remaining: during the processing of each BEx report, the SAP BEx status dialog appears, giving the user the ability to cancel the processing of that particular report, if they so desire. If the user cancels, I want my "Results" worksheet to indicate that for that report.

At first, I thought, okay, I'll just test the return value when calling the SAPBEX.XLA's SAPBEXrefresh function. That function's return value is supposed to return the number of errors that occurred after each time SAPBEXrefresh is fired -- normally it's 0 if everything runs okay. So surely, if the user cancels, there's got to be some sort of error and the return value of SAPBEXrefresh would be > 0, right? Nope, no such luck!

Which brings me back to my question in this post -- I found out through my company's SAP consultant that, if the user hits cancel in the SAP BEx dialog, the "Last Refreshed" value will not change. Therefore, he told me, simply test the value of the "Last Refreshed" value before and after each BEx reports' run. If the "Last Refreshed" value doesn't change, then presto, you know the user canceled.

This is where I'm stuck. How do you programmatically get the "Last Refreshed" value? Obviously, you could write VBA code to find the first cell in the BEx report with the text "Last Refreshed" and then get the value in the adjoining cell. The problem with that is, what if, for some stupid reason, there's another cell somewhere in the BEx report with the text, "Last Refreshed". There's no way I can be sure that I've really found the "Last Refreshed" value plugged in by BEx.

I've been looking extensively in this forum for an answer, but haven't found any. It seems like there are a lot of SAP BEx experts here, and if anyone can help me out here, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.

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