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Download the UserList Data into Excel Sheet


i want to download the userlist data into excel sheet

i have written the code of

getting the userlist as

IUserFactory userfactory = UMFactory.getUserFactory();

IUserSearchFilter userfltr = userfactory.getUserSearchFilter();


ISearchResult userResult = userfactory.searchUsers(userfltr);

int size = userResult.size();

response.write("<table><tr><td bgcolor=Green>"+ "Names of the user are:"+ "</td></tr></table>\n");

while (userResult.hasNext())


response.write("<table border=0>\n");

String uniqueid = (String);

IUser user = userfactory.getUser(uniqueid);

//response.write("<tr><td>"+ user.getDisplayName()+ "</td></tr>\n " + "<tr><td>"+ user.getUniqueID() + "</td></tr>\n");

response.write("<tr><td>"+ user.getDisplayName() + user.getUniqueID() + "</td></tr>\n");

//response.write("<tr><td>"+ user.getUniqueID() + "</td></tr>\n");



response.write("<table border=0><tr><td bgcolor=Green>" + " Total no of users "+ "</td></tr>\n");

response.write("<tr><td bgcolor=Red>"+ size+ "</td></tr></table>\n");

and then a separate code for downloading the data in excel sheet

HttpServletResponse res = request.getServletResponse(true);

try {



} catch (Exception e) {



but my requirement is the list of users should come in the excel sheet

can anyone help me with how do i insert the userlist data into the excl sheet

Can anyone help me

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