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Error in Layout Jsp component (pageId or jspName not available)


I'm trying to create custom layout. When trying to give the Layout to Page it gaves the error in the subject "Error in Layout Jsp component (pageId or jspName not available)"

Thanks for help!



<%@ taglib uri="" prefix="hbj" %>

<%@ taglib uri="" prefix="lyt" %>

<%@ page import="com.sapportals.portal.pb.layout.taglib.variabledef.RunMode" %>


<hbj:content id="myContext" >

<hbj:page title="Portal Page">

<table width="100%" height="*" border="2">


<TD width="50%" valign="top" align="center" ><lyt:container id="search" /></TD>

<TD valign="top" width="50%" align="center"><lyt:container id="contentarea" /></TD>



<TD width="100%" valign="top" align="center" colspan="2"><lyt:container id="result" /></TD>








<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>



<property name="Vendor" value=""/>

<property name="SecurityArea" value="NetWeaver.Portal"/>

<property name="SharingReference" value=","/>



<component name="Sample">


<property name="ClassName" value="com.sapportals.portal.pb.layout.PageLayout"/>

<property name="ResourceBundleName" value="pagebuilder_nls"/>

<property name="SafetyLevel" value="no_safety"/>



<property name="ComponentType" value="com.sapportals.portal.layout"/>

<property name="" value="Custom Layout"/>

<property name="" value="Layout of two rows where the second column has been merged"/>

<property name="" value="/SERVICE/"/>

<property name="" value="/SERVICE/"/>

<property name="" value="sample.jsp"/>

<property name="AuthScheme" value="anonymous"/>

<property name="" value="search">

<property name="title" value="Search Area"/>

<property name="orientation" value="vertical"/>

<property name="designClass" value="prtlHeaderCon"/>


<property name="" value="result">

<property name="title" value="Results to Display"/>

<property name="orientation" value="vertical"/>


<property name="" value="contentarea">

<property name="title" value="Content to Display"/>

<property name="orientation" value="vertical"/>







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