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Invalid values in u0093Read Outbound Deliveryu0094 response?

<b>Issue:</b> The <a href="">Read Outbound Delivery</a> service (<b>ECC_OUTBOUNDDELIVERY000QR</b>)

generates a response (OutboundDeliveryByIDResponse_sync/OutboundDelivery ) which contains invalid XML values according to their data types.


Following request was sent:

<OutboundDeliverySelectionByID ><ID>80015338</ID></OutboundDeliverySelectionByID>

<b>Response issues:</b>

<b>1.</b> The <b><i>“DeliveryTerms/OrderCombinationAllowedIndicator”</i></b> element contained a value of “X”, which is an invalid according to its type="Indicator".

<b>2.</b> The<i><b> “ Item/LastChangeDateTime”</b></i> element contained an invalid value of “0000-00-00T00:00:00”.


1. The <b>Indicator</b> type, which is essentially a wrapper around xsd:Boolean data type can only contain values: <i>true</i>, or <i>false</i>.

Following are the excerpts from its WSDL type definition:

<xsd:element name="OrderCombinationAllowedIndicator" type="Indicator" minOccurs="0"/>
<xsd:simpleType name="Indicator"><xsd:restriction base="xsd:boolean"/></xsd:simpleType>

<b>2.</b> The<i><b> “ Item/LastChangeDateTime”</b></i> element contains an invalid DateTime field value (the nearest valid value would be “0001-01-01T00:00:00”.

<xsd:complexType name="DateTime">
		<xsd:extension base="xsd:dateTime">
			<xsd:attribute name="timeZoneCode" type="TimeZoneCode"/>
		<xsd:attribute name="daylightSavingTimeIndicator" type="xsd:boolean"/>


The service consumers, who have their data types auto-generated in their proxy classes according to the WSDL, would receive runtime framework errors in their programs. The runtime systems would try to de-Serialize the eSOA response XML into the fields of their .NET or Java Objects; and because of invalid values, just fail to parse them into variables of those types <i>(bool and DateTime).</i>


I was really surprise to observe this interesting phenomenon. It is hard for me to characterize it as a benign bug/overlook. May be I am failing to understand the entire process, and therefore seeking help from <i>eSOA</i> <b>gurus</b> (even at <b>SAP</b>). Following questions instinctively pop up into my mind:

-- Is the XSD Data Type checking being performed at eSOA service output level? If so, did this specific data <i>actually</i> <b>validate</b> in conformance with <b>type</b> declarations within their WSDL?

-- If the data type was boolean in the backend system, how come the value "X" could be stored in that. How is the <b>eSOA</b> server serializer streaming out a value "X" for a boolean field ...??

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