TNS-12542 : TNS: Adress already in use

We have 2 SAP System on one SUN Solaris Server. The Listener of the first system EC1 uses the port 1521 , the listener of the second system SO1 user the port 1522 - according to configurations files tnsnames.ora and listener.ora. The problem is that listener of SO1 can't be started and I receive the follow Error-Message Listener ( lsnrctl start) :


"System parameter file is /oracle/SO1/network/admin/listener.ora

Error listening on : <Adress=<Protokol+tcp><Port=1521>>

TNS-12542 : TNS: Adress already in use

TNS-12560 :TNS: protocol adapter error

TNS-00512: Adress already in use

Solaris Error : 125: Adress already in use


From this error message is clearly that Listener of SO1 uses the port of EC1 1521. Where else could be listener ports configurated ? Why the Listener of second system use the port 1521.

On this server runs only one Listener on port 1521 for EC1.

Thank You!



SAP Basis Consultant