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FI reports


Can anyone tell me how to give specification for the FI reports to ABAP people? I know it depends on our cutomer requirements but please tell what's our role in defining the specifications?

thank you

Former Member
Former Member replied

Hi Sraddha...

For creation of report, u can use either report painter or normal ABAP reporting. Some of the list of reports that i have for reference,

S_ALR_87010021 German Foreign Trade Regulations

S_ALR_87010111 German Foreign Trade Regulations

S_ALR_87010125 Sample for Address Data for Asset

S_ALR_87010127 Real Estate and Similar Rights

S_ALR_87010129 Vehicles

S_ALR_87010137 Bar Codes

S_ALR_87010139 Leasing

S_ALR_87010141 Liabilities from Leasing Agreements

S_ALR_87010173 Revaluation

S_ALR_87010175 Depreciation Posted to Cost Center

S_ALR_87011963 Asset Balances

S_ALR_87011972 Sample for Address Data for Asset

S_ALR_87011978 Asset Balances for Group Assets

S_ALR_87011990 Asset History Sheet

S_ALR_87011992 Liabilities from Leasing Agreements

S_ALR_87011994 Asset Balances

S_ALR_87011996 Asset History Sheet

S_ALR_87012000 Asset Register (Italy)

S_ALR_87012001 Asset Register (Italy)

S_ALR_87012002 Asset Register by Third Party Loc.

S_ALR_87012003 Asset Register by Third Party Loc.

S_ALR_87012004 Depreciation

S_ALR_87012011 Write-Ups

S_ALR_87012013 Depreciation Comparison

S_ALR_87012016 Manual Depreciation

S_ALR_87012017 Asset Balances for Group Assets

S_ALR_87012018 Depreciation and Interest

S_ALR_87012020 Revaluation

S_ALR_87012022 Depreciation Posted to Cost Center

S_ALR_87012024 Depreciation Simulation

S_ALR_87012026 Depreciation

S_ALR_87012028 Net Worth Valuation

S_ALR_87012030 Insurance Values

S_ALR_87012032 Statement of Net Assets (Japan)

S_ALR_87012033 Gain for Transfer of Reserves

S_ALR_87012037 Changes to Asset Master Records

S_ALR_87012039 Asset Transactions

S_ALR_87012041 Asset Balances

S_ALR_87012043 G/L Account Balances

S_ALR_87012045 Fixed Asset Ledger

S_ALR_87012046 Asset Acquisitions(Mid-Quarter-Conv)

S_ALR_87012047 Asset Acquisitions(Mid-Quarter-Conv)

S_ALR_87012048 Asset Transactions

S_ALR_87012052 Asset Retirements

S_ALR_87012054 Intracompany Asset Transfers

S_ALR_87012056 Directory of Unposted Assets

S_ALR_87012057 Directory of Unposted Assets

S_ALR_87012058 List of Origins of Asset Charges

S_ALR_87012061 List of Origins by Cost Elements

S_ALR_87012062 Asset Retirements (French Law)

S_ALR_87012064 Depreciation

S_ALR_87012066 Analysis of Retirement Revenue

S_ALR_87012069 Depreciation of Tang./Intang. Assets

S_ALR_87012070 Depreciation of Tangible Assets

S_ALR_87012071 Asset Depreciation and Tax Limits

S_ALR_87012072 Scrap Value Depr. (Uniform Depr.)

S_ALR_87012073 Depreciation of Tangible Assets

S_ALR_87012074 Intangible Assets: Depreciation

S_ALR_87012075 Asset History

S_ALR_87012077 Vendor Information System

S_ALR_87012078 Due Date Analysis for Open Items

S_ALR_87012079 Transaction Figures: Account Balance

S_ALR_87012080 Transaction Figures: Special Sales

S_ALR_87012081 Transaction Figures: Sales

S_ALR_87012240 Customer / Vendor / G/L Account

S_ALR_87012249 Actual/Actual Comparison for Year

S_ALR_87012250 Half-Year Actual/Actual Comparison

S_ALR_87012251 Quarterly Actual/Actual Comparison

S_ALR_87012252 Periodic Actual/Actual Comparison

S_ALR_87012253 Annual plan/actual comparison

S_ALR_87012254 Half-Year Plan/Actual Comparison

S_ALR_87012255 Quarterly Plan/Actual Comparison

S_ALR_87012256 Periodic Plan/Actual Comparison

S_ALR_87012257 10-Year Actual/Actual Comparison

S_ALR_87012258 Balance sheet for Portugal: Assets

S_ALR_87012259 Balance Sheet Portugal: Liabilities

S_ALR_87012260 Balance Sheet for Portugal: P+L Part

S_ALR_87012261 Balance Sheet - Assets (Slovakia)

S_ALR_87012262 Balance Sheet:Liabilities (Slovakia)

S_ALR_87012263 Profit and Loss Statement (Slovakia)

S_ALR_87012264 Cash flow (Slovakia)

S_ALR_87012265 Balance Sheet: Assets (Czech Rep.)

S_ALR_87012266 Bal. Sheet: Liabilities (Czech Rep.)

S_ALR_87012267 Profit/Loss: Czech Republic

S_ALR_87012268 Cash flow: Czech Republic

S_ALR_87012269 Balance using C/S (German Trade Law)

S_ALR_87012270 Profit and Loss Statement(Per.Acctg)

S_ALR_87012271 Cash Flow (Direct Method)

S_ALR_87012272 Cash Flow (Indirect Method) Variant

S_ALR_87012273 Cash Flow (Indirect Method) Variant

S_ALR_87012274 Cash Flow (AJI-03 Form)

S_ALR_87012275 Totals and Balances

S_ALR_87012276 G/L Account Balances

S_ALR_87012278 Structured Account Balances

S_ALR_87012279 Structured Account Balances

S_ALR_87012280 General Ledger, Line Items

S_ALR_87012283 Balance Sheet/P+L Statement

S_ALR_87012285 Adjusted Balance Sheet Comparison

S_ALR_87012286 Document Journal

S_ALR_87012288 Compact Document Journal

S_ALR_87012290 Line Item Journal

S_ALR_87012292 Display of Changed Documents

S_ALR_87012294 Compact Document Journal

S_ALR_87012295 Daily Report for Bank and Payment

S_ALR_87012296 Journal

S_ALR_87012297 Compact Journal (Poland)

S_ALR_87012298 Balance Sheet/P+L Statement

S_ALR_87012300 G/L Account Balances

S_ALR_87012304 General Ledger, Line Items

S_ALR_87012305 General Ledger, Line Items

S_ALR_87012306 General Ledger, Line Items

S_ALR_87012307 Display Changes to G/L Accounts

S_ALR_87012308 Display Changes to G/L Accounts

S_ALR_87012309 Cash Journal

S_ALR_87012310 Preliminary Bal. Sheet -Requirement:

S_ALR_87012311 G/L Account Balances (Poland)

S_ALR_87012312 General Ledger from Document File

S_ALR_87012313 G/L Corresponding Accounts (Russia)

S_ALR_87012314 Extract for Aggregated Classic

S_ALR_87012315 Account Balance from Aggregated

S_ALR_87012316 Historical Balance Audit Trail Acc.

S_ALR_87012317 Open Item Balance Audit Trail from

S_ALR_87012318 Extract for Aggregated Open Item Bal

S_ALR_87012319 Account Balance from Aggregated

S_ALR_87012320 Open Item Balance Audit Trail Acc.

S_ALR_87012321 Bill of Exchange List

S_ALR_87012322 Bill of Exchange List

S_ALR_87012323 Extended Bill of Exchange Info

S_ALR_87012324 Extended Bill of Exchange Info

S_ALR_87012325 Chart of Accounts

S_ALR_87012326 Chart of Accounts

S_ALR_87012327 G/L Account List

S_ALR_87012328 G/L Account List

S_ALR_87012329 Account Assignment Manual

S_ALR_87012330 Account Assignment Manual

S_ALR_87012333 G/L accounts list

S_ALR_87012334 Average Balances Period Version LC

S_ALR_87012335 Average Balances Period Version TC

S_ALR_87012336 Avg.Balances Daily Vers.Posting Date

S_ALR_87012337 Avg.Balances Daily Vers.Fxd Val.Date

S_ALR_87012338 Avg.Balances Period Version LC YTD

S_ALR_87012339 Avg.Balances Period Version TC YTD

S_ALR_87012340 Invoice Numbers Allocated Twice

S_ALR_87012341 Invoice Numbers Allocated Twice

S_ALR_87012342 Gaps in Document Number Assignment

S_ALR_87012343 Posting Totals

S_ALR_87012344 Posting Totals

S_ALR_87012345 Recurring Entry Documents

S_ALR_87012346 Recurring Entry Documents

S_ALR_87012347 Document Items Extract

S_ALR_87012348 Cashed Checks per Bank Account

S_ALR_87012349 Outstanding Checks per G/L Account

S_ALR_87012350 Payment Advice Overview

S_ALR_87012351 Payment Advice Overview

S_ALR_87012352 Payment Advice Overview(Header/Item)

S_ALR_87012353 Payment Advice Overview(Header/Item)

S_ALR_87012354 Payment Advice Notes: Reorganization

S_ALR_87012355 Payment Advice Notes: Reorganization

S_ALR_87012356 Advance Return for Tax on Sales/Pur.

S_ALR_87012357 Advance Return for Tax on Sales/Pur.

S_ALR_87012358 Additional List for Advance Return f

S_ALR_87012359 Additional List for Advance Return f

S_ALR_87012360 Transfer Postings for Deferred Taxes

S_ALR_87012361 Tax Adjustment

S_ALR_87012362 Input Tax from Parked Documents

S_ALR_87012363 Cross-Company Code Tax

S_ALR_87012364 Cross-Company Tax(Japan and Denmark)

S_ALR_87012365 Tax Information (Country)

S_ALR_87012366 Daily Report for VAT

S_ALR_87012367 Extended Tax Journal

S_ALR_87012368 VAT Report with Magnetic Output for

S_ALR_87012369 Data Medium Exchange with Hard Disk

S_ALR_87012370 Print Program:Adv.Return for SalesTx

S_ALR_87012371 Annual Tax Return (Belgium) -


S_ALR_87012372 Data Medium Exchange with Disk

S_ALR_87012373 Advance Return for Tax on Sales/Pur.

S_ALR_87012374 Advance Return for Tax on Sales/Pur.

S_ALR_87012375 Print Program:Adv.Return for SalesTx

S_ALR_87012376 Annual Tax Return

S_ALR_87012377 Adv.Return for Sales Tax (Italy/Sp.)

S_ALR_87012378 Annual Tax Return

S_ALR_87012379 Annual Tax Return: Customers/Vendors

S_ALR_87012380 Annual Tax Return: Customers/Vendors

S_ALR_87012381 Taxes/Dues, Prepaid Exp., Donations

S_ALR_87012382 VAT Report for Korea (Cust./Vendors)

S_ALR_87012383 Entertainment Expense List

S_ALR_87012384 Sales/Purchase Tax Rep.(South Korea)

S_ALR_87012385 VAT Register (Poland)

S_ALR_87012386 VAT Report for Portugal

S_ALR_87012387 Annual Sales Ret. to Tax Office (PT)

S_ALR_87012388 VAT Report (Russia)

S_ALR_87012389 Tax on Operating Profit: Russia

S_ALR_87012390 Tax List Domestic/Foreign Banks(RU)

S_ALR_87012391 Adv.Return for Sales Tax (Italy/Sp.)

S_ALR_87012392 Annual Sales Report (Spain)

S_ALR_87012393 Data Medium Exchange with Disk

S_ALR_87012394 Record of Use and Sales Taxes (USA)

S_ALR_87012395 Forced Update of the external audit

S_ALR_87012396 Display utility for Audit File index

S_ALR_87012397 Update Audit Files/Sales Ta

S_ALR_87012398 Purchase Ledger

S_ALR_87012399 Sales Ledger

S_ALR_87012400 EC Sales List

S_ALR_87012401 Payment Medium International - Load

S_ALR_87012402 EC Sales List (Belgium)

S_ALR_87012403 EC Sales List (Spain)

S_ALR_87012404 EC Sales List (Austria)

S_ALR_87012405 German Foreign Trade Regulations

S_ALR_87012406 Direct Reporting of Bank Transfers

S_ALR_87012407 Financial Statement, Act. Year Comp.

S_ALR_87012408 Transaction Figures: Account Balance

S_ALR_87012409 G/L Account Balances

S_ALR_87012410 Print Companies

S_ALR_87012411 Print Subgroups

S_ALR_87012412 Print Subgroup Hierarchy

S_ALR_87012413 Consolidation Items

S_ALR_87012414 Transaction Types for Consolidation

S_ALR_87012415 List of Ownership

S_ALR_87012416 Equity Structure of Investee Cos

S_ALR_87012417 Changes in Investments

S_ALR_87012418 Changes in Investee Equity

S_ALR_87012419 Fair Value Adjustments

S_ALR_87012420 Changes in Hidden Reserves

S_ALR_87012421 Profit Trends: Affiliated Companies

S_ALR_87012422 Elimin. Internal Business: Balance

S_ALR_87012423 Elimin. Internal Business: Delivery

S_ALR_87012424 Print Asset Transfers

S_ALR_87012425 Changes in Asset Transfer Depr.

S_ALR_87012426 Print Currency Translation Method

S_ALR_87012427 Print Cons. of Investments Method

S_ALR_87012428 Print Intercompany Eliminations

S_ALR_87012429 Versions of Consolidation

S_ALR_87012430 Selected Items in Consolidation

S_ALR_87012431 Journal Entries by Company

S_ALR_87012432 Totals Report - Hierarchy

S_ALR_87012433 Standard Reports

S_ALR_87012434 Comparisons

S_ALR_87012435 Value Developments

S_ALR_87012436 Exp. Balance Sheet Eval: Grid

S_ALR_87012437 Exp. Balance Sheet Eval: Runtimes

S_ALR_87012438 Expanded P+L Evaluations

S_ALR_87012439 Interactive Reporting for Consolid.

S_ALR_87012440 Create Data Extract from Subgroup

S_ALR_87012441 Data Selection FI-LC for EIS Report

S_ALR_87012442 Database List of Totals Records

S_ALR_87012443 Database List of Journal Entries

S_ALR_87012444 Database Listing, Prep. for Cons.

S_ALR_87012605 Assign Commitment Items to Cost Elem

S_ALR_87012609 FM Acct Assignts for Revs Incr. Bdgt

S_ALR_87012610 Assign Cost Centers to Funds Centers

S_ALR_87012611 Assigning CO Orders to Funds Centers

S_ALR_87012612 Assign WBS Elements to Funds Centers

S_ALR_87012613 Assign Profit Centers to Funds Ctrs

S_ALR_87012636 Level Line Items and Totals Records

S_ALR_87012637 Compare FM Totals with FI Totals

S_ALR_87012638 Compare Line Items in FI and FM

S_ALR_87012640 Reconciliation: C.F. Line Items

S_ALR_87012641 Index of Commitment Items

S_ALR_87012642 Asmt of Commitment Item to G/L Accts

S_ALR_87012643 Commitment/Plan/Actual

S_ALR_87012644 Commitment/Actual/Inventory

S_ALR_87012645 Commitment Actual Line Item by Doc.#

S_ALR_87012646 Commitment/Actual Items by Comm.Item

S_ALR_87012794 Plan from Measures/Approp. Request

S_ALR_87012795 Plan in Program, Approp. Req., Meas.

S_ALR_87012796 Request Plan: Investments/Expenses

S_ALR_87012797 Budget Distribution to Measures

S_ALR_87012798 Request Plan/Budget for Measures

S_ALR_87012799 Cons. Request Plan/Budget for Meas.

S_ALR_87012800 Program Budget/Committed Funds

S_ALR_87012801 Budget for Measures/Committed Funds

S_ALR_87012802 Request Plan/Assigned

S_ALR_87012803 Budget for Measures by Org. Unit

S_ALR_87012804 Assigned Funds per Summ. Version

S_ALR_87012805 Structure and Value List

S_ALR_87012806 Structure and Value List

S_ALR_87012808 Overall Plan/Annual Plan in Program

S_ALR_87012809 Plan from Approp. Requests and Meas.

S_ALR_87012810 Plan Program, Requests, Measures

S_ALR_87012811 Investment/Expense Plan, Approp.Req.

S_ALR_87012812 Plan Version Comp.: Prog./Meas./App.

S_ALR_87012813 Plan/Budget Comparison in Program

S_ALR_87012814 Distribution of Overall Bdgt in Prog

S_ALR_87012815 Distribution of Annual Bdgt in Prog.

S_ALR_87012816 Overall/Annual Budget in Program

S_ALR_87012817 Budget Update in Program

S_ALR_87012818 Prog. Budget/Standard Invstmt Reason

S_ALR_87012819 Budget Distribution to Measures

S_ALR_87012820 Overall/Annual Budget in Measures

S_ALR_87012821 Distrib. of Bdgt to Meas. by Budget

S_ALR_87012822 Request Plan/Budget for Measures

S_ALR_87012823 Cons. Request Plan/Budget for Meas.

S_ALR_87012824 Budget Availability in Program

S_ALR_87012825 Budget Available for Measures

S_ALR_87012826 Available Meas. Budget by Org. Units

S_ALR_87012827 Available Meas.Budget by Person Resp

S_ALR_87012828 Measure Budget/DownPayments/Assignd

S_ALR_87012829 Available Budget in Prog. by Budget

S_ALR_87012830 Annual Expected Value from Measures

S_ALR_87012831 Request Plan/Assigned

S_ALR_87012832 Depreciation Simulation

S_ALR_87012833 Depreciation Simulation

S_ALR_87012834 Depreciation Simulation

S_ALR_87012835 Depreciation Simulation

S_ALR_87012836 Depreciation Simulation

S_ALR_87012837 Overall Plan/Annual Plan from Req.

S_ALR_87012838 Investment/Expense Plan

S_ALR_87012840 Request Plan By Status

S_ALR_87012841 Request/Measure Plan

S_ALR_87012842 Request Plan/Budget for Measures

S_ALR_87012843 Request Plan/Assigned

S_ALR_87012888 Overview: Project Hierarchies

S_ALR_87012890 Order profit

S_ALR_87012930 List of Origins of Asset Charges

S_ALR_87012931 List of Origins of Asset Charges

S_ALR_87012932 List of Origins by Cost Elements

S_ALR_87012933 List of Origins by Cost Elements

S_ALR_87012934 Asset Acquisitions

S_ALR_87012935 Asset Acquisitions

S_ALR_87012936 Depreciation Simulation

S_ALR_87012937 Depreciation Simulation

S_ALR_87012938 Overall/Annual Plan from Approp.Req.

S_ALR_87012939 Plan Version Comp.:Appropiation Req.

S_ALR_87012940 Investment/Expense Plan, Approp.Req.

S_ALR_87012941 Plan from Approp. Requests and Meas.

S_ALR_87012942 Plan Versions in Approp.Req./Measure

S_ALR_87012943 Request Plan/Budget for Measures

S_ALR_87012944 Request Plan/Assigned

S_ALR_87012945 Overall Plan/Annual Plan from Req.

S_ALR_87012946 Investment/Expense Plan

S_ALR_87012947 Plan Version Comparison: Requests

S_ALR_87012948 Request Plan By Status

S_ALR_87012949 Request/Measure Plan

S_ALR_87012950 Request Plan/Budget for Measures

S_ALR_87012951 Request Plan/Assigned

S_ALR_87012952 Document Structure Distribution

S_ALR_87012953 Material BOM Distribution

S_ALR_87012954 Plant Allocations to Mat. BOMs

S_ALR_87012955 Display Batch Input Data from Seq.

S_ALR_87012956 Display Batch Input Data from Seq.

S_ALR_87012957 BOM Changes for a Change Number

S_ALR_87012958 Display BOM Level by Level

S_ALR_87012959 Display Doc.Structure Level by Level

S_ALR_87012960 Display Multilevel BOM

S_ALR_87012961 Summarized BOM - Multilevel

S_ALR_87012962 BOM Comparison

S_ALR_87012963 Material Where-Used List

S_ALR_87012964 Single-Level Document Where-Used

S_ALR_87012965 Single-Level Class Where-Used List

S_ALR_87012966 Create BOMs using Batch Input

S_ALR_87012967 Change BOMs using Batch Input

S_ALR_87012968 Create Variant BOMs via Batch Input

S_ALR_87012969 Create BOMs using Batch Input

S_ALR_87012970 Validate Stock Data (Release 4.0)

S_ALR_87012971 Validate Stock Data (Release 4.5)

S_ALR_87012972 Pick-Up List for Batch Where-Used

S_ALR_87012973 Where-Used for Func. in Object Dep.

S_ALR_87012974 Where-Used for Var.Table in Obj.Dep.

S_ALR_87012975 Materials for Change Number

S_ALR_87012976 All Changes for Change Number

S_ALR_87012977 BOM Changes for a Change Number

S_ALR_87012978 Engineering Change Mgmt Status Rep.

S_ALR_87012979 ECH: Change Number Overview

S_ALR_87012980 ECM Browser:Engineering Change Hier.

S_ALR_87012981 ECH: ALE Distribution of Chge Master

S_ALR_87012982 Characteristics Mgmt: Display Char.

S_ALR_87012983 Display All Characteristics of Class

S_ALR_87012984 Classification: Use of Change Number

S_ALR_87012985 Display Obj. Dep. for Change Numbers

S_ALR_87012986 Overview of Configuration Profiles

S_ALR_87012987 Documents for Change Number

S_ALR_87012988 All Task List Changes for Change No.

S_ALR_87012989 Overview of Variant Table Lines for

S_ALR_87012990 Evaluation Comparison

S_ALR_87012991 Accounting Documents for Material

S_ALR_87012992 List of Parked Documents

S_ALR_87100025 Rent Adj. Acc. to Apt. Valuation

S_ALR_87100028 Rent Collateral for LO: Adjustment

S_ALR_87100067 TR Position Trend List

S_ALR_87100068 TR Comparison of Key Dates

S_ALR_87100069 SE Remaining Term Statistics

S_ALR_87100087 5-Yr Int. Repayment Sheet for Bonds

S_ALR_87100088 DE Listed Futures: Position Overview

S_ALR_87100089 DE Listed Futures: Date Comparison

S_ALR_87100090 DE OTC Interest Revenue List

S_ALR_87100105 LO Borrower's Note Loans

S_ALR_87100137 Order Selection

S_ALR_87100140 Posting journal

S_ALR_87100141 Export Taxes

S_ALR_87100142 Price List

S_ALR_87100143 Individual Prices

S_ALR_87100144 Discounts and Surcharges by Material

S_ALR_87100145 Discounts and Surcharges by Customer

S_ALR_87100146 Discounts and Surch. by Price Group

S_ALR_87100147 Discounts and Surch. by Mat. Group

S_ALR_87100148 Discounts/Surch. by Cust/Material

S_ALR_87100149 Disc. and Surch. for Cust./Mat. Grp

S_ALR_87100150 Disc. and Surch. for Price Grp/Mat

S_ALR_87100151 Disc. and Surch. for Price Grp/Mat.

S_ALR_87100152 Disc. and Surch. for Price Grp/Mat

S_ALR_87100153 Disc. and Surch. for Cust./Mat. Grp

S_ALR_87100154 Discounts/Surch. by Cust/Material

S_ALR_87100155 Discounts and Surch. by Mat. Group

S_ALR_87100156 Discounts and Surch. by Price Group

S_ALR_87100157 Discounts and Surcharges by Customer

S_ALR_87100158 Discounts and Surcharges by Material

S_ALR_87100159 Individual Prices

S_ALR_87100160 Price List

S_ALR_87100161 Export Taxes

S_ALR_87100162 Freight Incoterms 1

S_ALR_87100163 VAT

S_ALR_87100164 Canada/USA

S_ALR_87100165 I.E.P.S Mexico

S_ALR_87100166 Conditions by Customer

S_ALR_87100167 Conditions by Material

S_ALR_87100168 Conditions by Customer Hierarchy

S_ALR_87100171 Correspondence Overview

S_ALR_87100173 Correspondence Overview

S_ALR_87100174 Correspondence Overview

S_ALR_87100175 Correspondence Overview

S_ALR_87100176 Treasury: Call Up Correspondence

S_ALR_87100177 Correspondence Overview

S_ALR_87100178 Overdue List: Counterconfirmations

S_ALR_87100179 Overdue List: Counterconfirmations

S_ALR_87100180 Overdue List: Counterconfirmations

S_ALR_87100181 Overdue List: Counterconfirmations

S_ALR_87100182 Overdue List: Counterconfirmations

S_ALR_87100185 Actual Costs Per Month, Current FY

S_ALR_87100186 Plan Costs per Month, Current FY

S_ALR_87100187 Commitment per Month, Current FY

S_ALR_87100188 Cumulated Actual Costs

S_ALR_87100189 Actual/Planned Time Series

S_ALR_87100190 Actual/Plan/Var Project + Respons

S_ALR_87100191 Receipts/Expenditures in Fiscal Year

S_ALR_87100198 Offsetting Account Program

S_ALR_87100205 General Ledger from Document File

S_ALR_87100571 Eval.of SC Settlement: Apport.Result

S_ALR_87100623 Asset Retirements (French Law)

S_ALR_87100639 Commitment Line Items

S_ALR_87100684 Simulate APs to be Taken into Acct

S_ALR_87100802 Assign Open Items from OI Management

S_ALR_87100803 Input Tax Refund

S_ALR_87100819 Capital Allowance Report (Singapore)

S_ALR_87100820 Balancing Adjustment Report

S_ALR_87100833 Standard for Italy, Spain

S_ALR_87100876 Audit

S_ALR_87100886 Balance Sheet Key Figures

S_ALR_87100887 Balance Sheet Key Figures

S_ALR_87100974 Comparison

S_ALR_87100975 Audit

S_ALR_87100976 History Display

S_ALR_87100977 History Display

S_ALR_87100978 Transaction Figures (Batch !)

S_ALR_87100979 Total of Documents (Batch !)

S_ALR_87100980 Balances (Batch !)

S_ALR_87100981 Open Items (Batch !)

S_ALR_87100982 Last Year's Balance Sheet

S_ALR_87100983 Profit and Loss Projection

S_ALR_87100984 P&L Plan Data

S_ALR_87100985 Balance Sheet and P&L (ABAP)

S_ALR_87100986 Balance Sheet Key Figures

S_ALR_87100987 Account Balances to be Compared

S_ALR_87100988 Structured Account Balances

S_ALR_87100989 Audit

S_ALR_87100990 Comparison

S_ALR_87100991 Chart of Accounts

S_ALR_87100992 Account Assignment Manual

S_ALR_87100993 Account List for Company Code

S_ALR_87100994 Account Detail Information

S_ALR_87100995 G/L Accounts

S_ALR_87100996 G/L Accounts Marked for Deletion...

S_ALR_87100997 List (Batch !)

S_ALR_87100998 Audit

S_ALR_87100999 Audit Interactive List

S_ALR_87101000 Posting Totals (Batch !)

S_ALR_87101001 Line Item Journal (Batch!)

S_ALR_87101002 Compact Document Journal (Batch !)

S_ALR_87101003 General Audit

S_ALR_87101004 Update Interrupted?

S_ALR_87101005 Document Journal

S_ALR_87101006 Document Analysis Doc. Database BRF

S_ALR_87101007 Request

S_ALR_87101008 List (Batch !)

S_ALR_87101009 G/L Account Balances

S_ALR_87101010 Financial Statement Data (Baetge)

S_ALR_87101011 General, Single Phase, Dialog

S_ALR_87101012 Data Procurement

S_ALR_87101013 Download

S_ALR_87101014 Program Description

S_ALR_87101015 Export from SDF

S_ALR_87101016 sdfg

S_ALR_87101017 Audit Private Folder

S_ALR_87101018 Export from BRF

S_ALR_87101019 Export from BRF

S_ALR_87101046 Reconciliation Accounts

S_ALR_87101047 Transaction -> G/L Accounts

S_ALR_87101048 G/L Account -> Transactions

S_ALR_87101054 Normal Documents

S_ALR_87101055 Items, Normal Documents (Batch)

S_ALR_87101057 Comparison

S_ALR_87101058 Transaction Figures (Batch !)

S_ALR_87101059 Open Items (Batch !)

S_ALR_87101069 FI Outgoing Invoice List

S_ALR_87101073 Program Description

S_ALR_87101074 Program Description

S_ALR_87101089 Line Item List

S_ALR_87101091 Line Item List

S_ALR_87101097 Individual Value Adjustments

S_ALR_87101101 Line Item List

S_ALR_87101103 Line Item List

S_ALR_87101110 Cut-off AR-List Customers

S_ALR_87101111 Audit Cut-off

S_ALR_87101112 Audit Cut-off

S_ALR_87101117 Open Items (Batch !)

S_ALR_87101126 FI Incoming Invoice List

S_ALR_87101149 Credit Customers Down Payments

S_ALR_87101151 Security Deposit

S_ALR_87101159 Bills of Exchange Payable

S_ALR_87101160 Bill of Exchange Own Liability

S_ALR_87101162 Guarantees Given

S_ALR_87101163 Cut-off AR List Debitor

S_ALR_87101164 Cut-off Incomng Invoice List Vendors

S_ALR_87101166 Cut-off AR List Debitor

S_ALR_87101167 Due Date Analysis for Open Items

S_ALR_87101168 Totals and Balances

S_ALR_87101169 Audit

S_ALR_87101173 Depreciation Simulation

S_ALR_87101178 Depreciation

S_ALR_87101179 Depreciation

S_ALR_87101180 Audit

S_ALR_87101181 Investment Support

S_ALR_87101182 Insurance List

S_ALR_87101183 Other Capitlzd In-House Prod.

S_ALR_87101184 Audit

S_ALR_87101185 Audit Asset Balances

S_ALR_87101186 Audit Current Book Value

S_ALR_87101187 Audit

S_ALR_87101188 Asset Acquisitions in Foreign Currcy

S_ALR_87101274 Statistical Evaluations

S_ALR_87101276 IDoc List

S_ALR_87101305 G/L Account Balances

S_ALR_87101319 Balance Sheet Values by Account

S_ALR_87101320 Display Infotype Definitions

S_ALR_87101322 Display Infotypes of an Object

S_ALR_87101323 Display Infotypes According to DDic

S_ALR_87101324 Infotypes and Subtypes

S_ALR_87101325 Schema Directory

S_ALR_87101326 Directory of Personnel Calctn Rules

S_P00_07000008 Display of Bank Changes

S_P00_07000111 Advance Return for Tax on Sales/Pur.

S_P00_07000221 EC Sales List in DME Format

S_P00_07000329 Balance sheet/P+L statement

S_P99_41000192 SAP Standard Variant

S_P9C_18000152 Audit

S_P9C_18000153 Audit

S_P9C_18000154 Count Document Headers

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