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Initailize Drop Down Box with first value

Hi there,

I have created a drop down box for user to select a role to run a dashboard. Instead of displaying "Show All Values" or <blank> as the inital value of the drop down box, I wonder if it is possible to populate the first role value in it?

Hope to have an answer soon. Points will be awarded. Thanks

Heres the XHTML code

<bi:TEXT_ITEM name="TEXT_ITEM_1" designheight="39" designwidth="106" webitem="ZWEB_ROLE_LABEL" >
                                <bi:TEXT_BINDING type="CHOICE" value="TEXT_CONTENT" >
                                    <bi:TEXT_CONTENT />
                            <bi:DROPDOWN_ITEM name="DROPDOWN_ITEM_1" webitem="ZWEB_ROLES_LIST" designwidth="240" designheight="38" >
                                <bi:WIDTH value="240" />
                                <bi:HEIGHT value="38" />
                                <bi:DATA_BINDING_TYPE type="CHOICE" value="CHARACTERISTIC_SELECTION" >
                                    <bi:CHARACTERISTIC_SELECTION type="COMPOSITE" >
                                        <bi:DATA_PROVIDER_REF value="ROLES" />
                                        <bi:CHARACTERISTIC value="ZROLE" text="User Login Role" />
                                        <bi:ALL_VALUES_ENTRY_INCLUDED value="X" />
                                        <bi:ACTION_WITH_DEFAULT type="CHOICE" value="INSTRUCTION_WITH_DEFAULT" >
                                            <bi:INSTRUCTION_WITH_DEFAULT type="COMPOSITE" >
                                                <bi:EXECUTION_TIME value="AFTER" />
                                                <bi:INSTRUCTION >
                                                    <bi:SET_VARIABLES_STATE >
                                                        <bi:VARIABLE_VALUES type="ORDEREDLIST" >
                                                            <bi:VARIABLE_VALUE type="COMPOSITE" index="1" >
                                                                <bi:VARIABLE_TYPE type="CHOICE" value="SELECTION_BINDING_TYPE" >
                                                                    <bi:SELECTION_BINDING_TYPE type="CHOICE" value="DATA_PROVIDER_CHARACTERISTIC" >
                                                                        <bi:DATA_PROVIDER_CHARACTERISTIC type="COMPOSITE" >
                                                                            <bi:DATA_PROVIDER_REF value="ROLES" />
                                                                            <bi:CHARACTERISTIC value="ZROLE" text="User Login Role" />
                                                                <bi:VARIABLE value="ZV_ROLE" text="Role (Cust Exit)" />

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