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Urgent: User Exit (ZXM06U02) have some problem in coding.

Hi All,

This is regarding the user exit,

The present issue is.

When sending the PO to supplier portal, the outbound IDOC segment does not get populated properly. The text format ‘=’ is again converted to space in ECC 6.0 which was not the case with 4.5B.

This is an upgrade issue as the function module used to format text ‘FORMAT_TEXTLINES’ is completely different in ECC 6.0. The entire code of this function module in 4.5B has been commented in ECC 6.0 and new code has been implemented which splits the text and inserts spaces while formatting as shown below.

This issue can be resolved by implementing a customer exit which gets called after standard SAP populates the IDOC. It requires implementing custom code to remove the unwanted spaces inserted by standard SAP for text id F07. Hence after SAP completes its processing to populate the IDOC, the text would be processed further to remove unwanted spaces before actually sending the IDOC out from SAP R/3.

Thus this upgrade issue resolution requires R/3 development,

<b>I write the code in exit include ZXM06U02</b>:

Coding part:

DESCRIBE TABLE int_edidd LINES tabix.

READ TABLE int_edidd INDEX tabix.

IF int_edidd-segnam = 'E1EDPT2'.



  • Check whether its higher level segment E1EDPT1 has F07 in field E1EDPT1-TDID

  • by looking back internal table int_edidd

w_tabix = tabix - c_1.

w_i = tabix - c_1.

DO w_tabix times.

READ TABLE int_edidd INDEX w_i.

IF int_edidd-segnam = 'E1EDPT1'.

MOVE int_edidd-sdata TO E1EDPT1.



w_i = w_i - 1.


IF E1EDPT1-TDID = 'F07'.

READ TABLE int_edidd INDEX tabix.

MOVE: int_edidd-sdata TO e1edpt2.

  • Remove unwanted Space(s) in field E1EDPT2-TDLINE


MOVE E1EDPT2 TO int_edidd-sdata.

MODIFY int_edidd INDEX tabix.




But the code statement 'CONDENSE E1EDPT2-TDLINE.' does not work for removing space.

i did not understand why the code is not working properly.

Could any one please explain how write the code for condense the text with out spaces ASAP.



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