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503 Service Unavailable - Dispatcher running but no server connected!

Hi All,

We have a EP7.0 system pure Java Instance. The system is connected to BI on the backend.

Past few days the server is runing, but we get this error on the page and we had to restart the JAVA instance from the JCmon, but still it repeats.


503 Service Unavailable

SAP WebAS Engine is starting or started but not yet operational! If this state does not change within a few minutes, please contact your system administrator. Check the recommendations in SAP Notes: 943498, 764417 Message: Dispatcher running but no server connected!

Details: No details available


I have gone throught the tracefiles and found the following

from dev_server0


<CONCURRENT GC Free= 22336 Expected free space= 20288 Kickoff=366704234>

< Trace Target = 2200225409 Needed Trace rate is 15.43>

>> 1 modes = 2,2 free at GC (reg,wild):0,571424760

<AF[79]: Allocation Failure. need 2840 bytes, 4 ms since last AF or CON>

<AF[79]: managing allocation failure, action=1 (0/1503237440) (571424760/644244672)>

Tue Oct 23 13:55:09 2007

<GC(115): GC cycle started Tue Oct 23 13:55:09 2007

><GC(115): wait for concurrent tracers: 41 ms>

<GC(115): heap layout: (57264/1503237440) (571432736/644244672) /0>

<GC(115): freed 65240 bytes, 26% free (571490000/2147482112), in 24667 ms>

<GC(115): mark: 3822 ms, sweep: 242 ms, compact: 20603 ms>

<GC(115): In mark: root scan 2205 ms>

<GC(115): refs: soft 0 (age >= 0), weak 0, final 0, phantom 0>

<GC(115): moved 20798218 objects, 1470996144 bytes, reason=16, used 8 more bytes>

<AF[79]: completed in 24711 ms>


from dev_dispatcher


<AF[2]: Allocation Failure. need 536 bytes, 33311376 ms since last AF>

<AF[2]: managing allocation failure, action=1 (0/167351272) (8807960/8807960)>

<GC(2): GC cycle started Tue Oct 23 08:24:52 2007

><GC(2): freed 134996608 bytes, 81% free (143804568/176159232), in 86 ms>

<GC(2): mark: 66 ms, sweep: 20 ms, compact: 0 ms>

<GC(2): refs: soft 0 (age >= 32), weak 6, final 547, phantom 0>

<AF[2]: completed in 88 ms>


In the mid sometimes the portal is damn slow. Can anybody please help.!

Thank you,


Former Member

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