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hello friends!

i have problem in MRP run some of the orders get RESCHEDULed after its parent order get TECO status that i want to eleminate in the next MRP run

i have product say PA0160R3NRJ02000 & its component B01600140050F000

now i create production order of PA0160R3NRJ02000 then order reserved for B01600140050F000 as follows-

30.10.2007 ordRes PA0160R3NRJ02000</b> 100- 100-

30.10.2007 PrdOrd 000001011171/PP01/Re 100 0

30.11.2007 OrdRes PA0160R3NRJ02000 200- 200-

30.11.2007 PrdOrd 000001011173/PP01/Re 200 0

30.12.2007 OrdRes PA0160R3NRJ02000 300- 300-30.12.2007 PrdOrd 000001011171/PP01/Re 300 0

now after creating 30.12.2007 production order of PA0160R3NRJ02000 for 300 qty.& if 30.10.2007 production order of PA0160R3NRJ02000 get TECO,then the situation will be as follows-

30.10.2007 PrdOrd 000001011171/PP01/Re 28.11.2007 100 100

30.11.2007 OrdRes PA0160R3NRJ02000 200- 100

30.11.2007 PrdOrd 000001011173/PP01/Re 200 100

30.12.2007 OrdRes PA0160R3NRJ02000 300- 200-

if i take MRP run it will create 200 qty. plan order of B01600140050F000

now my problem is that i want order qty of 300 to be generated through MRP & 30.10.2007 production order 000001011171/PP01/Re not to be rescheduled

please give solution



Former Member
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