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TEXTENV_INVALID in 46C dump after the apar II14126 and kernel 2341

Dear all,

we got an issues after moving our prod 570 to V5R4 and applying the apar II14126 *** Last Updated 8 October 2007 *** (current) with kernel patch 2341 (current): we continuously get the dump TEXTENV_INVALID in the central instance. From my understanding now we're current with the kernel, ***, hyper, single PTFs and here's an example of the work process dev trace

A *** ERROR => 1th error during 2th text env operation [ablocale.c 124]

A *** ERROR => error code 'TEXTENV_INVALID' [ablocale.c 125]

A *** ERROR => kernel operation 'NEW MODE' [ablocale.c 126]

A *** ERROR => platform 'OS/400A' [ablocale.c 127]

A *** ERROR => language 'I' [ablocale.c 128]

A *** ERROR => country ' ' [ablocale.c 129]

A *** ERROR => modifier '' [ablocale.c 130]

A *** ERROR => The requeted operations wants to activate [ablocale.c 148]

A *** ERROR => locale 'IT_IT_ISO1'. But the operating system [ablocale.c 150]

A *** ERROR => rejected to do that. Please check if this [ablocale.c 151]

A *** ERROR => locale is installed. [ablocale.c 152]

A *** ERROR => Use transaction ST22 for details. [ablocale.c 175]

A *** ERROR => For help look at SAP note 42781. [ablocale.c 176]

A *** ERROR => --- [ablocale.c 177]

DLTR3PKG done multiple times, all the locales are good, we recreated them also, no luck. We NEVER experienced a similiar issue when in V5R3.

We've found a workaround by applying the following parameters in the DEFAULT profile:

abap/set_etct_env_at_new_mode = 0

install/collate/active = 0

rscp/TCP0B = TCP0C

we got rid of the dumps but is that safe ? is that ok if we run non-latin1 language, eg: cech language ? We've been reported that for the cech users the characters aren't being correctly shown.

Thank you for helping.


Former Member
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