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Implicit Enhancement for Data Declaration

Hello all,

I want to add one more field at the data declaration level.

I am following below steps :

1) I went to report and clicked on 'Enhance' button.

2) Then I went to Edit->Enhance Operations->Show Implicit Enhancement Options

3) Then I went to the Data Declaration section and right clicked and choose 'Enhancement Implementation'->Create.

4) Then I declared my variable.

5) When I checked the syntax, it gave me error.

Below is the piece of code.

data:   begin of austab occurs 100,
           ikone TYPE c,
           lgtyp like lagp-lgtyp,
           lgpla like lagp-lgpla,
           kreuz type c,               "ind. to be invented
           kzpmi type c,               "ind. Plus Minus Initial
           idatu like lagp-idatu,
           werks like lqua-werks,
           matnr like lqua-matnr,
           charg like lqua-charg,
           flg_aktiv  type c,          "ind.
           nidat like lagp-idatu,      "New Inventory date
           ttext(25)   type c,         "Textfield
           sperr type c,               "ind. blocked due to transfer
           kzmmq type c,               "ind. bin with several quants
           iverz(1)   type c,
           linno like sy-linno,
           pagno like sy-pagno,
           lqnum like lqua-lqnum,                           "new
           lgnum like lqua-lgnum,                           "new
           plpos like lqua-plpos,                           "new
""""""""*""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""$"$\SE:(1 ) Struct. AUSTAB, End                                                                                S
*$*$-Start: (1 )--------------------------------------------------------------------------------$*$*
ENHANCEMENT 3  CYCLE_COUNTING.    "inactive version
           abcin type abcin,
*$*$-End:   (1 )--------------------------------------------------------------------------------$*$*
        end of austab.

The error I am getting is "Comma without preceding colon (after ABCIN ?).

Please help me out in solving this .



Code Formatted by: Alvaro Tejada Galindo on Jan 14, 2010 5:44 PM

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