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Stock Transport for Non Valuated Account Assigned Material

Hi Experts,

I have to satisfy some unique requirement from my FICO team to make certain process work our way.

Following is the scenario...

1. Plant A and plant B belongs to the same company.

2. Plant A makes material X (non valuated, ind/coll indicator = 1).

3. X calls for sub-assembly Y (non valuated, ind/coll indicator = 1) which is a make item in plant B. <b>X and Y belongs to different Profit Centers</b>

4. Sales order placed at plant A for material X.

5. MRP runs and creates a stock transport order in plant A to buy the non valuated material Y from plant B. STO is account assigned to the sales order.

6. Plant B makes the material Y by creating a production order that is account assigned to the same sales order and does PGI to ships it out to plant A.

7. Plant A GRs the material Y and this puts it in sales order stock. No value move, just qty move. Also no FI document created.

8. Plant A issues component Y to the production order created for material X. Cost of Y doesn't show up in the production order as it is non valuated.

9. Upon settlement of the production order in Plant B, the <b>ACTUAL</b> cost gets settled to the sales order in plant A. So at the time of settlement the <b>profit center switch happens for Y (i.e. the profit center for Y changes to match X's profit center)</b>

This is a beautiful process from logistics point of view. BUT, my FICO has unique requirement for inter company sales for our organization. For them to consider a process as inter company sales, the following constraints has to be met...

<b>1. Ownership of material remains with producing profit center until consumption by the receiving object. (with the above mentioned process the profit center switch happens during prod. order settlement)

2. Cost for the consuming profit center will be moving average, standard cost or planned cost. (we are dealing with non-valuated materials and the settlement happens at actual cost)</b>

I need your expertise to help me define a work aroud. I am thinking about a lot of options to somehow make it work but can't seem to get solutions. Following are my thoughts...

1. Is it possible to possible to make the settlement with planned cost instead of actual cost?

2. Is it possible to make a profit center switch during consumption rather during settlement?

3. Is it somehow possible to create an underlying FI document during GR at plant A? (I know SAP does not create a FI doc. for non valuated materials).

4. Or can plant B send an invoice to plant A for the STO? (I believe this can be done for cross-company STO) I am thinking doing an Invoice Receipt at plant A instead of doing a settlement might show up the cost for Y in the production order for X.

An IR with the planned cost would be an awesome solution to get the buy-in from FICO. Can this be done?

I hope you don't mind my lengthy message... Waiting for some positive response.


Former Member
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