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Exception: dispatcher.forwardException

Hi All,

I have done some enhancements to xMAM3.0_ECLIPSE application. I have compiled this application with jdk1.4.2_08 with precompiled jsp option. Application was deployed to PDA having CrEme327a_AX_CE50_PPC_minimal.CAB. My application is running fine except while creating notification and order it has to go to the details page, there it was giving an exception

Internal Servlet Error:

javax.servlet.forwardException:cannot find message associated with key:

dispatcher.forwardException at org.apache.tomcat.facade.RequestDispatcherImpl.doForward() at

org.apache.tomcat.facade.RequestDispatcherImpl.Forward() at.....................


But when I replace the files notification_0005fdetail.class and order_0005fdetail.class it was working fine. I have not done any changes to these JSP files, both standard files and custom files having same code.

But why it was worked when replaced these custom files with standard files. Is this because I am compiling it with J2SDK1.4.2_08 (or) JDK1.3.

Can any body please tell me wich jdk version I have to use for compilation.

As per my knowledge Creme3.27a is of JDK1.1 compability. I have downloaded the jdk1.1, but could not set the path in NWDS, because it not gave me tools.jar file.

Please resolve this error...



Former Member
Former Member replied

Hi Murthy,

well, it seems your setup of NWDS is not totally correct. The settings in the MDK plugin are relevant and there is one thing I do not understand in your answer - you say that the JSP files are removed from the folder and then these are converted to class files after the first run.

This should not happen. Your JSP files should stay as they are - well, with a comile run you do not delete the JAVA files in comparison, they are compiled and savewd in a new position.

Whatr is the structure of your directory after the import of the project?

It should be, that you have an app-root folder. In there you find the subfolders with the JSPs and another folder named WEB-INF. It is correct that after a compile run the JSPs are compiled and copied to the folder you mentioned. In the WAR file the JSP is then not longer relevant. So in the WAR file you miss the JSPs, but the file sis still in the ECLIPSE folder?

This is the part I do not understand.

If you say the WAR file runs fine on PC and does not on PPC. Is it the same file? What version of MAM are you using? You can use the PPC Version on PC, but not vice versa - because of the UI at least.

So if you use the PPC version, compile it and install it to the PC, it is working fine and if you take the same WAR file and use it on the PDA it is not working? Have you compiled it with JDK1.1.8 and are there any errors?

By the way: once you have a running MI and the MAM is working fine there - it is not necessary to completely go the complete way via the WebConsole to install a new Version. The fastest way is to copy the WAR file directly to the WEBAPPS folder of your MI, rename the existing folder of the APP and then restart MI. The folder is created again and then MAM is available in the new version. Extremely nice for development. You could even delete the old folder, but I prefer to rename it, so you can always go back to the last working version if this copied version has an error.

Hope you can do a step forward. If not, you can send me a mail, perhaps we can fix it with Remotedesktop.



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