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GUI got currupted due to short dump during SPAM process accidently aborted

The short dumps are a result of the SPAM queue only partially completed. Once either the DD or Main Import starts and does not complete major inconsistencies exist. As described below the MAIN IMPORT for SAPKB70013 aborted abnormally.

The SLOG0740.GEM indicates that userid SAPSTAR started SPAM DD Import processes at 16:49:52 on 10/6/1007:

START DD IMPORT GEM H 20071006164952 SAPSTAR usphlags03 20071006164951

STOP DD IMPORT GEM H 20071006170015 SAPSTAR usphlags03 20071006164951

START DD ACTIVATION GEM A 20071006170025 SAPSTAR usphlags03

START tp_getprots GEM J 20071006170026 SAPSTAR usphlags03

STOP tp_getprots GEM J 20071006171856 SAPSTAR usphlags03

STOP DD ACTIVATION GEM A 20071006171857 SAPSTAR usphlags03

START imp all GEM 20071006171859 SAPSTAR usphlags03 20071006171858

INFO: event SAP_IMPORT_START triggered successfully

Also, the ALOG0740.GEM indicates the SAPSTAR userid started SPAM actions at 16:16:28 on 10/6/2007:

ALL GEM.ALL t 0000 20071006161617 SAPSTAR usphlags03

SAPKITLOM1 GEM.ALL P 0000 20071006161648 STSERUSER SAPSTAR usphlags03 20071006161628

SAPKITLOM2 GEM.ALL P 0000 20071006161652 STSERUSER SAPSTAR usphlags03 20071006161628

SAPKITLOM3 GEM.ALL P 0000 20071006161741 STSERUSER SAPSTAR usphlags03 20071006161628

SAPKITLOM4 GEM.ALL P 0000 20071006161810 STSERUSER SAPSTAR usphlags03 20071006161628

SAPK-1507AINSTPL GEM.ALL P 0000 20071006161827 STICOUSER SAPSTAR usphlags03 20071006161628

SAPK-1507BINSTPL GEM.ALL P 0000 20071006162101 STICOUSER SAPSTAR usphlags03 20071006161628

SAPKB70013 GEM.ALL P 0004 20071006162257 SAPUSER SAPSTAR usphlags03 20071006161628

SAPKA70013 GEM.ALL P 0004 20071006162313 SAPUSER SAPSTAR usphlags03 20071006161628

SAPK-400C4INCPRXRPM GEM.ALL P 0000 20071006162314 CPRXRPMUSER SAPSTAR usphlags03 20071006161628

SAPKITL423 GEM.ALL P 0004 20071006162341 STUSER SAPSTAR usphlags03 20071006161628

SAPKIBIIP6 GEM.ALL P 0004 20071006162612 BICONTUSER SAPSTAR usphlags03 20071006161628

SAPKIBIIP7 GEM.ALL P 0004 20071006162622 BICONTUSER SAPSTAR usphlags03 20071006161628

SAPKW70014 GEM.ALL P 0004 20071006162640 SAPUSER SAPSTAR usphlags03 20071006161628

SAPKW70015 GEM.ALL P 0000 20071006162653 SAPUSER SAPSTAR usphlags03 20071006161628

The MAIN IMPORT for SAPKB70013 Basis Support Package 13 for 7.00 was the last log in the TMP directory to start processing and its main import log SAPIB70013.GEM indicates it abended at 6:52pm with the following error:

4 ETW000 [dbtrtab ,03908] ***LOG BY4=>sql error 11 performing SEL on table SEOMETAREL [dbtrtab#6 @ 3908]

4 ETW000 200 1526.084960

4 ETW000 [dbtrtab ,03908] ***LOG BY0=>[11] [dbtrtab#6 @ 3908] 67 1526.085027

2EETW000 sap_dext called with msgnr "1":

<< OLE Object: Picture (Device Independent Bitmap) >>

In summary, the last entries in the SLOG0740.GEM may possibly indicate the SPAM process was started in dialog remotely and a remote connection error occurred aborting the SPAM process:

WARNING: Cannot remove
usphlags03\sapmnt\trans\tmp\SAPKKB70013.GEM : The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

STOP imp all GEM 7006 20071006185131 SAPSTAR usphlags03 20071006171858


Can anyone help to fix GUI?

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