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Can anyone explain the functionality of FM f4ut_parameter_get_values ?

This is used in search help to retrive values from screen.This doesnt seem to work for me

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There is no FM called "f4ut_parameter_get_values" but there is one called

F4UT_PARAMETER_VALUE_GET.The functionality of F4UT_PARAMETER_VALUE_GET is as follows:

By calling this module in a search help exit, you can find out the current contents of a search help parameter. To do this, you must pass the name of the parameter in PARAMETER.

You must distinguish between the parameter contents that are used in the selection process of the input help process and the parameter contents that are determined by the selection process and the user selection.

Parameter contents that are used in the selection process are default values of search help parameters, values that are included in the input help process by attaching the search help to the screen from field contents of the screen or its module pool, and possibly complex restrictions made by the user in the dialog box for restricting value. Such parameter contents can also be included in the input help process by the search help exit itself.

The contents of the specified parameter used in the selection process are stored as complex restrictions in SELOPT_TAB after the call. If exactly one value is defined by these complex restrictions (for example if the restrictions have exactly one row and if SIGN = 'I' and OPTION = 'EQ' for this row), this unique value can be found in VALUE.

Parameter contents that are determined by selection process and user selection are the parameter contents that are shown in the dialog box for displaying the hit list or returned on the screen. They are managed by the F4 processor in RECORD_TAB.

This module enables you to transfer the information about the specified parameters from RECORD_TAB to RESULTS_TAB in edited form.

Pass the name of the field of RESULTS_TAB that should contain the contents of the parameter to the function module in parameter FIELDNAME. If the row type of RESULTS_TAB is elementary, pass the value '*' in FIELDNAME. The rest of RESULTS_TAB is not changed. The values are copied row by row. By removing rows at the end or by adding intiial rows you can make sure that RESULTS_TAB has exactly as many rows as RECOD_TAB.

Things to note:

Parameters OFF_RESULT and LEN_RESULT should not be used any more since there are basic problems when using UNICODE. The contents of these parameter are still analyzed when parameter FILEDNAME is initial for compatibility reasons.

2. Only the dialog box for restricting values can normally produce complex restrictions for a parameter.

3. If VALUE has the value SPACE, this means that either there are complex restrictions for the parameter or the unique contents are SPACE. SELOPT_TAB must be evaluated in order to determine which of these is the case.

4. If the search help does not have any parameter with the given name, the exception PARAMETER_UNKNOWN is triggered.

5. Only parameter contents for the search help displayed in the hit list or the EXPORT parameters of the search help are first managed in RECORD_TAB. If the specified parameter does not satisfy one of these conditions and if parameter RESULTS_TAB is specified in the call, the exception PARAMETER_UNKNOWN can also be triggered. This is not true, however, if results were already entered for the parameter with function module F4UT_PARAMETER_RESULTS_PUT or if space was reserved for the parameter in RECORD_TAB with function module F4UT_PARAMETER_ALLOCATE. The parameter therefore should only be defined if information about the parameter contents are really required.

6. The header lines of the specified parameter are also transferred from RECORD_TAB to RESULTS_TAB.

7. The other parameters of this module must be defined as the parameters of the search help exit having the same name, but they are not changed by this module.

8. RESULTS_TAB should be a standard table.

9. The contents of the specified parameter in RECORD_TAB are copied to the specified field of table RESULTS_TAB with a MOVE of the correct type. If this is not possible, the target field is assigned the initial value.

10. If RESULTS_TAB has no field with the name specified by FIELDNAME, only the number of rows of RESULTS_TAB is adjusted to those of RECORD_TAB as described.

If you still ahve problems then try FM:F4IF_INT_TABLE_VALUE_REQUEST

Hope it was useful.



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