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Client Copy Errors

OK here is my situation. I am trying to do a Client Export which will contain all configuration client-spacific and client independent. I go to TCode SCC8 and start the export. It runs for a while and I recieve the following:

Source Client 030

Target System: DEV

Copy Type Client Export

Profile SAP_EXPA

Status Ended with Errors


Start on 08/21/2007 / 15:50:16

Last Entry on 08/21/2007 / 16:23:58

Transport Requests

- Cross-Client DEVKO00921

- Client-Specific DEVKT00921

- Texts DEVKX00921

The System log button does not contain any errors. And the File log button at the end contains the following:

Transport program tp started successfully for DEVKO00921 16:05:21

Transport program tp started successfully for DEVKX00921 16:05:23

Transport control program tp ended with error code 0200

Error when exporting request DEVKT00921 16:23:58

Program ended with error or warning, return code: F

Runtime (seconds) : 2,022

End of processing: 16:23:58

Now I look at the OS and see that DEVKO... was created as well as DEVKX. But I do not see the DEVKT... Which is the transport that contains the Client-Spacific data. Clicking on the tp error for the long text I get this:

Transport control program tp ended with error code 0200

Message no. XT200


An error occurred when executing a tp command.

Command: EXPORT DEVKT00921 cli

Return code: 0200

Error text: ERROR: see tp's stdout (Standard Out may not be av


System Response

The function terminates.


Correct the error and execute the command again if necessary.

I have looked at the tp program and verified the TPPARAM file along with the DEFAULT.pfl file. I even created an empty transport and use the tp command to transport it into the another client on the DEV box.

What am I missing? I am getting pressure from above to do this client export but just can not seem to do it.

I should also note that we recently (meaning days ago) did a unicode conversion. We had an SAP Consultant in to do the conversion and it seemed to work great.

Thanks for any help in advance.


Former Member
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