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Batch Management


I did the batch management?

i did all the following steps


but when iam creating the order it is giving the error that

It is not possible to determine the batch?

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dear kedar


In the normal business process material are processed in the form of batch, especially in the Pharmas Industry. The material are produced, tested maintained inventory management. and delivered to customer in the form of batches. The advantages with the batch defects can be identified. so that the business can follow LIFO or FIFO method preferably FIFO method to move the stock from inventory.

Note: In SAP batch management configure in PP,MM,SD, module.

1) Configuration Settings:

• Create material master and make sure that checking group of Availability check in sales General/Plant view has been maintained as a CH Batches.

• Check Batch Management , Check approved batch record requirement

• save it

2) Specify the Batch level and Activate Status management:

The batch can be activated the plant level, material level, client level. If you activated it. at plat level then batch number and unique number at plant level, if you activated at material level then the batch number and unique only with the material number that means when the material is going to extended to another plant then it requires new batch data in the plant. If you activate at client level then the batch number and unique for that material at all plants.

Path: Img  Logistics  General  Batch management  Specify batch level and activate  Status management

a) Click on batch level; here with specify at when level batch should be activated, by default batch is going to be activated at material level.

b) batch Status management; here we activate batch status by default if and activated

3) The Activated Internal batch number assignment:

Path: Img  Logistics General  Batch management  Batch number assignment  Activate internal batch number assignment  activate batch number assignment

select the automatic batch number assignment active.(by default it is selected)

4) Maintain Internal Batch number Assignment Range:

Path: Img  Logistics General  Batch management  maintain internal batch number assignment range

click on number ranges icon

click on insert intervals icon and defined number ranges for batch

save it and exit.

SAP uses condition techniques to determine batch number automatically.


Path: Img  Logistics General  Batch management  batch determination and batch check  condition table.

define sales and distribution condition table

create condition table for batch determination here we define condition table

ex: 001 – material

002 – customer / material

003 - customer / plant / material etc.,

Create Access Sequence:

Path: Img  Logistics General  Batch management  Access Sequence  define SD the access

create access sequence for Batch determination

Here we define access sequence

Ex:- SD01 – customer/material

here we assign condition tables 002-customer/material

Define strategy types(like condition types)

 define S&D strategy types.

In strategy types we can maintain data.

a) SORT Rule

b) maximum no. of batch splits

c) Determine whether batch number can be change for batch split during batch determination

d) unit of measure in which batches are displayed for selection

e) whether batch determine should be performed in a dialog mode.

f) quantity proposed

Batch search procedure definition:

 define S&D search procedure.

Here we define batch search procedure ex:SD0001,select it & copy it & rename (ZSD0001) save it.

Batch search procedure Allocation & check activation

Allocate S&D search procedure/Activate check.

Go to new entries & specify sales area, sales doc(or)&Assign our batch search procedure.

check batch

It is to be checked for manually internal batches

Activate Automatic batch determination in S&D::

A) Automatic Batch determination for sales order items;

  • choose item category TAN and check the automatic batch document

  • this indicator proposed into VOV7 or TAN

B) Activate automatic batch determination for delivery item category;

*choose item category TAN and activate automatic batch determination

*choose item category DLN and activate automatic batch determination (the item category from sales document to delivery on going to be the copied )

if the delivery document contain, a line item with out reference to sales order then system determined item category for that line item by following a item category determination rule delivery document like below

a) delivery document type + item category group from material master + usage + higher level item category = default item category

Maintain Batch Records for S&D Batch determination procedure(VCH1):

Path: logistics  Central Function  Batch management  Batch determination  Batch Search Strategy  S&D Search Strategy

 VCH1 Create

 Specify Strategy type ex: SD04 Customer/material

 Click on key combination and select the table, specify customer number, material

 save it and go back

Crete Batch Master(MSC1N):

Path : logistic  Central Function  Batch Management  Batch  MSC1N


Specify the Material Number Plant and Storage location and Maintain

• Basic Data One

*specify period data

*Specify the self life expiration data

*Specify the Availability data today

*next inspection after 15 days

• Basic Data Two

*Specify description

*save it and not down the “batch number”(with zero) ex: 0000000181 & 00000000182.

*go to change mode and batch status as and restricted use

*save it and exit

go to MB1C

Internal Stock

Maintain Stock with batch number

Save it

go to to VA01 rouse the Sales Order

Go to Line Item, go to “Batch field” Click on F4, Select relevant ‘Batch Number’

Note : Here to propose Batch number automatically we need to ask ABAPER to write a Interphase .(*which will fetch relevant Batch number for the material)

rewards if it helps


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