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Sales Documents.

Hi SAP Prof,

what are the general questions that will be asked in Sales Doc, Item Category, Schedule line category.

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Refer below

Sales Order Document Type Controls: During Sales Order Processing, the system carries out basic functions, such as:

Number Assignment Delivery scheduling

Default Functions: Date, Delivery Type, Billing Type, Blocks Transferring requirements to materials planning (MRP)

Mandatory Reference Calculating pricing and taxes

Partner Determination Sales Information System

Pricing ie is customer-material info rec used Checking credit limits

Output Types Available Outputs

Allowed Item Categories Texts

Incompleteness Availability Check

Free Date

Determining Materials Sales Order Document Types:

Enhancement for Contracts Standard Order

Checks: Division, Open Quotes/Contracts/Info Record Contract

Note: Pricing Procedure can be assigned to Doc type Cash Sales

Rush Order

Free of Charge delivery


Consignment Fill up

Credit/debit request

Sales Order Item Category Controls:

Completion Rule (when item is considered completed) Determination of Sales Item Category Automatically:

Item level Partner Determination Sales Order Type

Text Determination Item Category Group (Material Master)

Incompletness Item Usage

Schedule Lines allowed High Level Item (superior item)

Pricing Relevancy ie is carried out or not Basically from the Order type & Material

Billing Relevancy ie is billing carried out

Delivery Relevance ie material or text item

BOMS In config you link Sales Order types to Sales Areas

Is difference allowed from header levels In an order, Sales Area can be entered manually or determined from Customer Master

Message if item cannot be fully delivered of the Sold to Party

Output If several Sales Area options then choose from list

Billing Block Can create Customer Master from within Sales Order

Schedule Line Category Controls: Determination of Schedule Line Automatically:

Availability check Item Category

Goods Movement Type for GI MRP Type

Delivery Relevance

Purchasing (ie PR auto created) Cross division sales must leave division out of the header. Must be allowed by Doc type

Requirements Transfer to MRP

They are assigned to Item Categories

Determination of Delivering Plant Automatically: Pricing Types in Sales Order are:

Customer Material Information Record A - copied from REF updated with scale

Customer Master for Ship to Party B - perform new pricing

Material Master Record C - manual elements copied others are redetermined

If not found then no plant proposed and thus no ship point, avail check G - only tax redetermined

H - only freight redetermined

Determination of Route Automatically: Before changing a Sales Document Type Check that:

Departure Zone from Customizing for Shipping point (JHB) There are no subsequent docs

Shipping Condition from STP Customer Master (ASAP) Item category can be changed

Transportation Group from Material Master (Train) Sales Doc not created from contract or service notification

Transportation Zone from Ship To Party Customer Master (Durban) Sales doc is not a status relevant subsequent document

Note: Weight causes redetermination of the route

Determination of Delivery Schedule Automatically: Availability Check control:

Order Date Control elements must be maintained in customising

Material Availability Date Relevant assignments must be made to the sales transactions

Loading Date

Goods Issue Date

Delivery Date

Account Group on Customer Master Controls: Account Groups:

Number Range 0001' - Sold to Party1

Internal or External Number Assignment 0002' - Ship to party

Input screens and fields for partner functions 0003' - Payer

Field Selection 0004' - Bill to party

One Time account


It can be automatically proposed

Movement Type Controls (found in Schedule line) What controls delivery item scheduling

the type of the material movement ie GR, GI, STO Transit time

enables system to find posting rules for account postings Pick/pack time

updating of quantity fields Loading time

updating of stock and consumption accounts Transportation lead time

determining which fields are displayed during document entry

Determination of Tax Rate in a Document Cash Sales:

Business transaction - domestic or export/import Payment made at time of the order (invoice printed)

Tax liability of the ship to party Order and delivery created at the same time

Tax liability of the material GI posted at later date to avoid delays

Uses billing doc type CS which has:

Quantity diff - complaint due to damaged or substandard goods no output determination

Price diff - complaint due to wrong pricing no price determination

Returns - dissatisfied customer FI posting made to cash settlement

Third party order processing flow:

Sales order (Order type OR, Item cat IC, Sched line SL)

Auto PR




MM Invoice Verification

SD Billing

In customising for Sales Doc types the 'incompete messages field' controls if incomplete documents can be saved or not

Credit Memo Request - Billing Block - Release - Credit Memo

Reason for rejection used to control if item appears in credit memo with zero value or not at all

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