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Table Vs Structure


When i Click on any of the field, for some filed are having Tables and some field are having the Structure,

then ABAPER need table

the what is the use of Structure, why SAP has use here structure,

then how to give table name of corresponding field?




data will be stored in the Tables, but the strictes, sometimes you may needn to create a strucure which may not required to store the data, at that times we use the structures

Find the table use by a transaction code

You can easily find all the table access by a transaction code via SE49.

Supply the transaction and click the Display button and all the table access by the particular transaction code will appear.

Finding fields with Table Name

I'm working as a JR. ABAPer & frequently I encounter this situation when I'm given a report either with fields from a structure or no fields at all. I have following doubts:-

1) Who's responsibility it is to find out the fields complete with table name? Functional consultant or ABAPER?

2) Is there some std. way of finding out these fields?

You can go through Tables i.e. Data dictionary.

The table which store information about Structures and Tables are as follows:

DD02L - table properties

DD02T - table texts

DD03L - field properties

DD03T - field texts

How to find data related to a structure? With GREAT difficulty, but here are some ways (which will NOT always work! LOL) to find specific fields if you know the structure's fieldname.

1) First, goto SE11, and enter your structure name. Goto the field that holds your data, and double-click on the element name. Once inside the element, do a where-used list for that element, searching tables only. Then go into each table, and see if you can find the one holding your data. There may sometimes be a huge number of tables displayed, but a lot of them will be empty.

2) Get the name of the program behind your transaction, goto SE80, and enter the program name. 99% of the time it will be part of a module-pool and bring up the pool. Goto the dictionary structures, and search each table there for the one holding your data.

3) Open a new session with transaction ST05, select SQL Trace, click on the Trace On button, and go back to your transaction (while leaving the session with ST05 open). Submit your transaction, and go back to the ST05 session. Click on the Trace Off button, then select the List Trace button. Continue with standard selections, and a BASIC TRACE LIST will appear. search thru the tables displayed under ObjectName.



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