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IS OIL configuration related docs


Please provide me any IS OIL configuration related docs.

I know the SAP help for isoiles and TSW. I just need the configuration related docs.




Hi ,

Check below one,

IS-OIL -Downstream has mainly two areas and one is IS-OIL MM related and other IS-OIL SD related,although IS-OIL has their own components but those components are closely linked with MM and SD.

IS-OIL upstream has 4 different units.

IS-OIL -UPS -PRA (Production Revenue and Accouting)

IS-OIL UPS JVA ( Joint Venture accouting)

IS-OIL UPSRLM( Remote logistics Management)

IS-OIL UPS PSA(Production Sharing Accounting).

As you have mentioned that you have SD knowledge with you,I will suggest you to look for SRM in place of industry solution as that will have wide scope than IS-OIL.

IS-OIL PRA is only US specfic product and if you see whole SAP world ,there are smaller implementations for OIL solutions.

IS-Oil is packaged with standard SAP (ie) all modules like MM,SD,FI are available along with addon of IS-Oil . Codes and tables are same as in standard R/3

PO -T.code - ME27 - Tables - EKKO,EKPO

Sales order -T.code VA01 - VBAK,VBAP

All material doucments are as in other R/3 systems saved in MSEG additionally Alternative units of posting material doucment will be enabled which willbe saved in MSEG02.

Mostly in IS-OIL Down stream - TD,TSW,HPM will be used .

Few Transaction codes are

O4F1 - Create Shipments

O4F2- Change shipments

O4F3 - Display Shipment

O4G1- Change Loading Confirmation

O4G2- Display Loading Confirmation

O4H1- Change Delivery Confirmation

O4H2- Display Delivery Confirmation

All these information will be available in Tables

OIGS TD Shipment Header


OIGSH TD Shipment History

OIGSI Shipment Item

OIGSM TD Material Allocated to a Shipment

OIGSMS TD Material Samples on a Shipment

OIGSMV TD Material Balance on Vehicle

OIGSS TD Shipment Stages

OIGSV TD Vehicles in Transport/Shipment

OIGSVC TD Transport Unit in Shipment

OIGSVCC TD Compartment in Shipment

OIGSVCS TD Vehicle Seals on Transport Units

OIGSVD TD Driver per Vehicle on a Shipment

OIGSVIIS TD Shipment Assignment of Document Items

OIGSVMQ TD Quantity Item for Material on Vehicle

OIGSVMQM TD On Board Movements References

OIGSVMQO1 TD Quantity Item Calculation Parameters

OIGSVMQO2 TD Quantity Item Additional Quantities

O4V1 Vehicle creation

O4V2 -Vehicle creation

O4V3 - Vehicle creation

O4C1 - Create Transport Unit

O4C2/O4C3 - Display/Change Transport Unit

O4D1/O4D2/O4D3 - Driver creation/Change/Display

Tables for the above

OIGV TD Vehicle Header

OIGVL TD Licenses Needed for Vehicle

OIGVT TD Vehicle Header Text

OIGVTU TD Vehicle - Transport Unit Assignment

VI01 - Create Shipment costing documents

VI02 - Display Shipment costing documents

O401- Create Business location

O402- Change Business location

O403 -Change Business location

O4R1/O4R2/O4R3 - Rack meter create/change/display

For Terminal automations system interface

Load ID related - O4P5,O4PR

For more details ..

Go to transaction code TSTCT - type in O4* you will get all most of OIL Related transaction.

Simialrly for table look at SE11 - OIG* it will list all ..

IS-OIL comes along with 8.163 specific Tables, 2320 specific Transactions , 9172 Programs and around 8000 modifications on SAP Core programs.

e.g. the Sales documents (Contracts’/Orders) item table has been extended with 72 fields. Pricing/Tax handling/Quantity conversion etc ... many central areas working odd than in SAP standard

You can find the IS-OIL documentation in the link provided. This might help you to understand oil functionality.



3.SAP for OIL & GAS



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