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Permission denied error while checking in

I am working on webdynpro DC. While i try to checkin the DC, the following permission denied errror pops up. I have seen a blog with similar problem, but no answer. Will someone from SAP help solve this issue?

<b><u>The related link with similar problem is</u></b>

Permission denied error while CBS is building DCs

<u><b>My Log is as follows:</b></u>

Build number assigned: 7900

Change request state from QUEUED to PROCESSING

ACTIVATION request in Build Space "D30_ESSJAVA_D" at Node ID: 7,433,150

[id: 7,756; parentID: 0; type: 4]


REQUEST PROCESSING started at 2007-05-22 15:55:22.138 GMT

===== Pre-Processing =====

Waiting 5 ms

List of activities to be activated:

1 activity in compartment "com.swiss_XSSswiss_1"


[seq. no 1129][created by INDIA at 2007-05-22 17:55:14.0][ID 4db56227087911dcb96f0013217ca473]

Analyse activities... started at 2007-05-22 15:55:22.155 GMT

Analyse dependencies to predecessor activities... finished at 2007-05-22 15:55:23.704 GMT and took 1 s 400 ms

SKIP : Development Component ""

1 component to be build in compartment "com.swiss_XSSswiss_1"

Analyse activities... finished at 2007-05-22 15:55:23.777 GMT and took 1 s 622 ms

Change request state from PROCESSING to PROCESSING

Calculate all combinations of components and variants to be built...

"" variant "default"

Prepare build environment in the file system... started at 2007-05-22 15:55:23.876 GMT

Synchronize development configuration... finished at 2007-05-22 15:55:23.877 GMT and took 0 ms

Synchronize component definitions... finished at 2007-05-22 15:55:23.892 GMT and took 14 ms

Synchronize sources...

17:55:36.481 SYNC (FAILED: Failed to create/open file: /usr/sap/trans_D30/CBS/65/.CACHE/437/DCs/ <b>(Permission denied (errno:13))) Bapiqualif.dtstructure </b> (/usr/sap/trans_D30/CBS/65/.CACHE/437/DCs/

17:55:36.702 SYNC <b>(FAILED: Failed to create/open file: /usr/sap/trans_D30/CBS/65/.CACHE/437/DCs/ (Permission denied (errno:13)))</b> Plstx.dtsimpletype.xlf (/usr/sap/trans_D30/CBS/65/.CACHE/437/DCs/

17:55:36.714 SYNC (FAILED: Failed to create/open file: /usr/sap/trans_D30/CBS/65/.CACHE/437/DCs/ (Permission denied (errno:13))) Syuname.dtsimpletype (/usr/sap/trans_D30/CBS/65/.CACHE/437/DCs/

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