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Convert Internal Table to Attachment in Workflow

Hello Workflow Gurus,

I have a workflow were business asked me to include a changelog in the workitem description of the approval workitem sent to the SAP inbox and to the user email. I have the data in an internal table in my Class Method (i am using a Class instead of a BOR for my custom enhancements to the Workflow), however, if i pass this data to the workitem description it will get truncated since the data is too long (fieldname, field old value (char256),filed new value (char256), date of change, time of change).

I decided to try to convert the internal table to a PDF document or any other document and pass it as attachment as follows:

  LOOP AT wc_changelog "This table has the data taht i need to display

    INTO ls_changelog.

"  I concatenate all the data to a text string separating each column by '|'.

    CONCATENATE ls_changelog-fldname ls_changelog-f_old ls_changelog-f_new ls_changelog-udate ls_changelog-utime INTO ls_text SEPARATED BY '|'.

    APPEND ls_text TO lt_text.




      output_length = lv_length


      text_tab      = lt_text

      binary_tab    = lt_binary


      failed        = 1

      OTHERS        = 2.

  IF sy-subrc <> 0.

* Implement suitable error handling here

  ENDIF. " IF sy-subrc <> 0



      input_length = lv_length


      buffer       = lv_doc_string


      binary_tab   = lt_binary


      failed       = 1

      OTHERS       = 2.

  IF sy-subrc EQ 0.

    ls_swr_att_header-file_type = 'B'.

    ls_swr_att_header-file_name = 'Changes Log'.

    ls_swr_att_header-file_extension = 'PDF'.

    ls_swr_att_header-language = sy-langu.



        workitem_id    = wc_workitemid

        att_header     = ls_swr_att_header

*       ATT_TXT        =

        att_bin        = lv_doc_string

        document_owner = sy-uname

        language       = sy-langu

        do_commit      = 'X'.

  ENDIF. " IF sy-subrc EQ 0

I am creating a new attachment in my workflow and i am passing this attachment to the workitem that is sent to the users inbox, however i am getting a message saying that the fiel type has been damaged and i am not able to open it.

Please your help with any suggestions to correct the code and pass the internal table to any kind of attachment to the Workflow or to pass it displaying correctly to the workitem description. Any help will be greatly appreciated.



Former Member
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