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How do you create a Custom/Micro Chart Tile in on-premise Fiori Launchpad?

Hi All,

I've recently been working with SAP Smart Business which allows you to create tiles with micro charts embedded into the tiles. Very sexy and actually very useful for end users!

Now I haven't had the time to reverse engineer how the whole remote tiles aspect works from HANA into the Fiori Launchpad with this solution (or understand how this will work from a dev, test and production perspective since it's unclear whether you can transport SAP Smart Business generated Tiles - but that's future question) but when I saw @DJ Adams post on the BlueFin website he appeared to show these tiles without a HANA back-end and hence, also without SAP Smart Business.

Researching this, there's been previous posts about doing this with a Custom Tile available on the HANA (?) version of the Fiori Launchpad; but for your standard Gateway/Fiori server running Fiori Launchpad (without HANA); is there any way to do this?

Obviously the answer may eventuate in a few weeks time when DJ presents this but would appreciate it if anyone can point me in the right direction of how to do this today (if it is possible)?




Hi All,

Well figured out a way of doing this and will write more about this shortly but to provide a summary:

Firstly, this HANA based custom tile generation was useful to get there - Kudos to Wenjen for writing this: Creating custom tiles with SAP HANA UI Integration Services (UIS)

Also, this help is valuable for understanding how to do it also:

User Interface Add-On for SAP NetWeaver - SAP Library

So the steps are:

1. Create a Project in WebIDE (or notepad). The minimum you'll need is a Tile XML definition file (per the help above) and that definition should point at a UI5 view (refer to the HANA custom tile above for an example of this). Deploy this to your Gateway server.  Refer to doco above if you want to access parameters/config at runtime or produce a static preview for your tile.

2. Now if you recall the whole lanes page "stuff" from HCM Renewal - well that is part of the evolution of UI5 and some of this plays out now.  Run transaction /ui2/chip - This will allow you to configure a Tile (chip) that points at your own "Chip". e.g. You'll need the path to your Tile XML definition.

3. Now another UI I've never seen before, run the Suite Page Builder which is found here:


4. From this screen, you can create a Catalog, and from the All Chips page, add your Chip/Tile to your new Catalog. Remember the id of your catalog as you'll need that next.

5. Now let's go create a remote catalog in the Fiori Admin Tool. 

Which if you've got a working preview, you'll see you're almost done:

Pretty straightforward from here so won't go on...I'm not sure if you can put in permissions on the catalog like you normally can, so that may be a feature lacking with this approach, but at least I have a Smart Business like tile without Smart Business now...



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