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Spatial Join, cardinality error

Hello All,

I'm on SAP HANA SPS09 and I want to make a simple Spatial Join. To do so I followed this tutorial :SAP HANA Academy - Modeling: Geospatial Joins [SPS09] - YouTube

When I want to activate I got this error :

Got unknown attribute 'cardinality'(cubeSchema -> calculationScenario (dummy.******/geo_location) -> calculationViews -> spatialJoin (Join_1))

In fact when I want to create this SpatialJoin, the cardinality is mandatory, however, in the video (around 5 minutes), the cardinality is blank !

Here is my CalculationView :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<cubeSchema defaultLanguage="EN" defaultSchema="_SYS_BIC" operation="createCalculationScenario" version="3">

    <calculationScenario name="dummy.******/geo_location" externalScenarioName="dummy.******::geo_location" schema="_SYS_BIC">


            <tableDataSource name="GEO_CURRENT_LOCATION" schema="ZGEO" table="GEO_CURRENT_LOCATION">


                    <allAttribute />



            <tableDataSource name="GEO_LOCALISATION" schema="ZGEO" table="GEO_LOCALISATION">


                    <allAttribute />





            <spatialJoin name="Join_1" cardinality="1:1">

                <debugInfo nodeName="Join_1" />


                    <viewAttribute ignoreFromInputsFlag="false" isVisible="true" name="SHAPE" />

                    <viewAttribute ignoreFromInputsFlag="false" isVisible="true" name="CITY" />

                    <viewAttribute ignoreFromInputsFlag="false" isVisible="true" name="JOIN$SHAPE$POINT" />



                    <input name="GEO_CURRENT_LOCATION">

                        <mapping source="SHAPE" target="SHAPE" />

                        <mapping source="SHAPE" target="JOIN$SHAPE$POINT" />


                    <input name="GEO_LOCALISATION">

                        <mapping source="CITY" target="CITY" />

                        <mapping source="POINT" target="JOIN$SHAPE$POINT" />




                    <joinAttribute name="JOIN$SHAPE$POINT" predicate="CONTAINS" evaluatesTo="true" />



            <projection name="finalProjection" defaultViewFlag="true">

                <debugInfo nodeName="Projection" />


                    <input name="Join_1">

                        <mapping source="CITY" target="CITY" />




                    <viewAttribute name="CITY" />





            <variable name="$$language$$" typeMask="512" isGlobal="true" usage="optional" />

            <variable name="$$client$$" typeMask="512" isGlobal="true" usage="optional" />




I tried to delete the cardinality attribute, but Eclipse do not want me to activate (No authorization !).

What is the problem, I believe that I do the right thing... but obviously I miss something !

Kind Regards,



I found a Woraround.

1. Edit the view with the text editor

2. detele the attribute cardinality=""

3. Grand role to _SYS_ to be able to activate the view.

And it works

But after each modification on the view, you should modify the cardinality attribute.


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