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Hi guys,

After new installation of Solution Manager 7.1 I am using SUM to install all components and solution packages required is step Check Software Prerequisites in System Preperation of SAP Solution Manager Configuration.

In SUM I was able to get to phase: 5.5: Preprocessing, but now I get error:

Severe error(s) occurred in phase MAIN_SHDIMP/SUBMOD_SHD2_RUN/RUN_RSGEN!

Last error code set: No entry with key '18575400/RSGEN_GENER8_SHADOW

Full log:

1 ETQ201 Entering upgrade-phase "MAIN_SHDIMP/SUBMOD_SHD2_RUN/RUN_RSGEN" ("20151102133011")

4 ETQ399 Set database connect to shadow.

4 ETQ399 Set environment for shadow connect:

4 ETQ399 Set RFC variables for shadow connect:

4 ETQ399 System-nr = '10', GwService = 'sapgw10' Client = '000'

4 ETQ380 computing toolpath for request "TP_SHADOW_CONNECT"

4 ETQ381 request "TP_SHADOW_CONNECT" means "tp needs to connect to shadow system"

4 ETQ382 translates to group "R3UP_TOOL_GROUP_NEW"

4 ETQ399 Requirement for tp maps to 'exe'

4 ETQ383 translates to path "C:\DownloadManager\SUM\abap\exe"

4 ETQ399 Set tool parameters for shadow connect with TPPARAM 'SHADOW.TPP'.

2 ETQ366 Connect variables are set for shadow instance access

4 ETQ399 System-nr = '10', GwService = 'sapgw10' Client = '000'

4 ETQ399 Environment variables:

4 ETQ399   dbs_ora_schema=SAPSR3

4 ETQ399   auth_shadow_upgrade=1

1 ETQ200 Executing actual phase 'MAIN_SHDIMP/SUBMOD_SHD2_RUN/RUN_RSGEN'.

1 ETQ399 Phase arguments:


2 ETQ399 Arg[1] = 'SAP_SGEN'

2 ETQ399 Arg[2] = ''

2 ETQ399 Arg[3] = 'RSGEN\.$(SAPSID)'

2 ETQ399 Arg[4] = '10'

2 ETQ399 Arg[5] = 'Generate Program Loads'

1 ETQ399 Using error summary log 'RSGEN.ELG'.

1 ETQ399 Expanded phase arguments:

2 ETQ399 Arg[3] = 'RSGEN\.SM1'

1EETQ399 Last error code set is: No entry with key '18575400/RSGEN_GENER8_SHADOW'

1EETQ204 Upgrade phase "RUN_RSGEN" aborted with severe errors ("20151102133011")

In fact there was a problem with background job RSGEN_GENER8_SHADOW, but I have started it manually again and it finished correctly.

What I have already done:

1. Restarted SUM

2. Restarted shadow instance

3. Restarted main instance

4. I have tried to debug it but with no result.

Can You guys help me out somehow?

Former Member

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