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Data entry approval/review process using BPF


in BPC 10.1, We've 7 entities and planning to create workflow approval process for inputs entered by "OWNER" of each entity. Then, approval by reviewer of all entities. So, for this, i'm using OWNER and REVIEWER property of ENTITY and creating a BPF. But, i've following questions.

here are the steps, i created for BPF.

1. create workspace with hyperlink to open InputForm performed by owner

2. once step 1 is complete, Owner SUBMITs the data triggering BPF to go to next workspace which is REVIEWER

3. Reviewer has 2 work spaces. One with hyperlink to open report for data review.

4. 2nd workspace has Work Status to lock data.

5. once both workspaces are completed by Reviewer, reviewer approves the data.

Is this the only way approvals are setup in EPM? if yes, i've following questions.

After step 2, owner can still change data so technically OWNER has not submitted the data? so, what can be done here so OWNER can't change it while REVIEWER is validating data.

Is there a way, Step1 and Step2 can be performed in excel without having to switch between EPM (for data entry) and WEB (for submission). Or, atleast create a hyperlink for SUBMISSION so OWNER, simply enters data in excel and clicks on hyperlink to SUBMIT? (When i click on "return to activity workspace" from excel, it's not working).

In Step5, we are also planning to reject data so BPF goes to back to Step1 for OWNER review. how can this be achieved? or is it, simply REVIEWER rejects in step 5 and don't perform step4 to lock data?

Any reason, i can only see "Unlocked", "Submitted" while setting up WorkStatus eventhough, WorkStatus configurations have "Approved" in addition to "Unlocked", "Submitted"?

Also, email communications are going to my SAP inbox instead of coming to OUTLOOK. does any one know the reason for this? I made sure that SO16 has "send to home addresses of users" checked

Overall, i feel this is not a neat way of representing solution. is it just me or this is BPFs work and the only way Approvals work is to use BPFs?

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