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How to use References To Customer-Specific Fields


References To Customer-Specific Fields (.ref) file, this is used for accessing the customer extension fields (Adaptation Fields in specific) into our ABSL scripts.

I need some clarifications on this, could anyone who worked with this in their previous projects help me out in clarifying the below

1. Can we use .ref file only one time in our solution, which means only one .ref file can be created and used. What all the references we are looking to use in ABSL from that file itself we have to select and use

2. After selecting and using the field in our scripts and if anyone deleted that respective field, then what would be the implication to the solution developed in the SDK and scripts which are actually using this deleted field

3. I developed .ref file in SDK of version 1508 and lets say now we will be having 1511 version up-gradation in few days, then how will this .ref file work. Will there needed any maintenance from partners to this .ref file? If yes what kind of maintenance activities are needed and will these activities are to be followed for every version change (once in every 3 months) or is it going to be a one time activity?

4. In Production how the .ref file will be used and how this will be working? The same extension fields should be created in prod tenant once again using adaptation or will they be available as of same type which we created and selected and used in our ABSL scripts with the help of a .ref file in test tenant?

5. In my test tenant I have two solutions (Soln 1 and Soln 2), where in one solution (Soln 1) I have created a .ref file for selecting one of the extension fields of Sales Order and used it in my ABSL scripting. Now I have to use the same extension field in my second solution (Soln 2) so should I create another .ref file in this second solution (soln 2) or will the first .ref file of Soln 1 suffixes the need?

6. What are the advantaged and drawbacks of this.ref file in general and is this a valid option to use the customer extension fields in our ABSL scripting?

7. Instead of using .ref file can I create a SDK extension field which I can enhance to the web services in my solution 1 and that web service can i use in other second solution to access this data of the extension field?

Out of 6 and 7 which option is the best and valid option for easy implementation and maintenance.

Please let me know in case any further detailed information needed on the above points. Looking forward for the clarifications on the above.



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