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SUP Persistence Exception while unsubscribe database

-(BOOL)isInitialSyncDone {

  BOOL initialSyncDone=NO;

  NSUserDefaults *stdUserDflts = [NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults];

  SUPApplication* app = [SUPApplication getInstance];

  if([stdUserDflts boolForKey:DIFFERENT_SERVER])


  if([app connectionStatus] == SUPConnectionStatus_CONNECTED) {

  NSLog(@"Unregistering application");

  @try {

  //[VisualInspection_DVIDB initialize];

  [VisualInspection_DVIDB deleteDatabase];

  [VisualInspection_DVIDB closeConnection];

  } @catch(NSException *exception) {

  //make sure that the db is getting deleted

  NSLog(@"Exception Caught while unregistering applicaiton.");

  NSLog(@"%@ %@", [exception name],[exception description]); }

  @finally {




  if ([VisualInspection_DVIDB databaseExists] && [VisualInspection_DVIDB isSynchronized:PROJECT_GROUP])




  return initialSyncDone;


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